10 Signs To Help You Decide When You’re Ready for a New Career

CN_Marc_v1_eI recently wrote a fun piece about Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey finding a new career. But there are many real people right now – maybe even you – daydreaming about what it might feel like to move on to your own great new job in an exciting new career field.

And yet you do absolutely nothing to find that something new … and make it happen for yourself. What exactly are you waiting for?

Is this you and your career decisions?

What happens when you start thinking about career change?

Perhaps somewhere inside a little voice of doubt whispers “you’re not ready yet” to find that new career. Or you’re waiting for a sign that never comes. Or you can’t recognize the time or sign when it does. And before you know it, you’ve let your chances for doing something you truly love pass you by.

While an inner voice can indeed offer wisdom at times, we need to know when that inner voice is simply sneaky old fear getting in the way of us trying new things. Or maybe it’s that we believe deep inside that we aren’t capable – or deserving – of anything better. So not true!!

So how can you tell when you’re ready for a new career?

  • Have you reached a point in your career where it all seems the same?
  • Do you look at your work hours as something to just get through until you can leave?
  • Would you rather talk about anything else other than work?
  • Have you reached a point where there is nothing new you want to learn about your field?
  • Do you often wish you were doing something for a living that actually matters to you?
  • Have you or your values changed in a way that makes what you do feel wrong for you now?
  • Do you yawn at the thought of speaking to people in your industry and / or about your industry?
  • Do you think about a new job and check want ads in your field – but there’s nothing you want?
  • Are you yearning for something different now, even though you once enjoyed what you do?
  • Does the thought of being in the same career five years from now make you sad?

If so, what’s stopping YOU from moving on? Read more…

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What’s keeping you from starting to explore what else might be out there for you?  Please feel free to share your own career change stories & advice. 

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