Career Articles

Career growth, change & development articles

I’ve put together some Career Nook articles to hopefully help you with career change, as you think about ways to improve how you feel about work, your career skills, and even things you’re still learning about yourself.

There are articles to help you figure out what you really want in a career and many more that help get you motivated to explore new things, even within your current job. And don’t forget to try the career assessment tools and some of the fun quizzes!

Help with your career changes

Some Career Nook articles to help you make that change to a new career, once you actually decide it’s time. Includes tips and tools to get yourself to your new career, as well as a few career quizzes to help you explore and better understand what could really make you happy.

Do-it-yourself career assessment tools

Although I can’t guarantee that these tools will tell you absolutely everything you need to know about yourself, they are a great start toward a better understanding of who you really are and what kinds of things might matter for your career.

Whether you are beginning a job search or looking to change careers, taking the time to explore now can make a big difference – and maybe even offer a few surprises:

♦   Assessing Your Own Strengths, Weaknesses and Interests
♦   Career Success:  How Do You Measure Your Own Career Success?


Career Nook Fun Quizzes

I created a few handy-dandy career quizzes to help you look at things from a new perspective. The “right career” quiz is a fun way to think about what you enjoy surrounding yourself with. The “transferable skills” and “job skills” quizzes are to help you zero in on things you can carry with you in your job search and / or when thinking about possible new careers:

♦   The Career Nook Transferable Skills Career Quiz
♦   The Career Nook Job Skills Preference Career Quiz
♦   “What’s the Right Career for Me” Career Quiz