FREE Certificate: Permission To Succeed!

CN_Marc_v1_eYou might be wondering why I decided to write a post that gives YOU permission to succeed. Well, of course, you don’t need my permission. But I do have a very good reason for doing this — especially if you’re feeling that you’ve lost your confidence!

I’ve seen it again and again. No matter how talented a person truly is, job search and career change can knock the confidence right out of you. And so can incompetent bosses who don’t know how to support and encourage the best in their employees.

How a capable person can lose their confidence

I recently worked with an extremely skilled client who has a history of successes. Yet in his last job, he got a boss who gave no positive feedback and had him questioning his ability to do things he’d always assumed he was a good at. He was feeling more and more like a failure than a success as the days went on.

But even though he was miserable at his job and couldn’t wait to get out, after a year of trying he still wasn’t getting any interviews. This feels like even MORE failure. Part of him couldn’t help wondering whether his latest boss was right and saw the real him – the one who maybe had never been all that good to begin with.

Now it’s not that a part of him didn’t also remember the good things and know inside that he deserves better – and is going to get better.  But when we come up against bosses who help make us feel small and a series of things that eat at our self-esteem, it’s easy to lose our confidence and any feeling of personal power.

P.S.  He just got a GREAT new job, where the owner of the company saw every bit of who he really is and what he can do for them. So even if it feels hidden to you, please remember that your true value is right there waiting to show itself again when the right opportunity and match arises.

You have the right to succeed!

  • Despite mistakes.
  • Despite failures.
  • Despite self-doubts.
  • Despite wrong turns.
  • Despite jobs that never felt right.
  • Despite bosses that put you down.
  • Despite criticism from family, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Despite very real mistakes you’ve made.
  • Despite feeling hopeless at times.

This is to certify that you are like so many wise and successful people who came before you who, despite all these very normal, human qualities, have gone on to succeed. And so can you!


FREE Right To Succeed Certificate

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A few more thoughts

I wish you the very best of luck in whatever it is you are looking for. Feel free to use this certificate any time the self-doubt monster starts to show its ugly head, whether career-related or not.

And please never forget that, even in tough times, even when you feel your confidence start to slip away, even if you may have to shift your path a bit … there is something strong inside you that can find a way!

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