Job Hunting During the Holiday Season

CN_Marc_v1_eThis isn’t about job hunting tips – I have plenty of articles for that. This is about how YOU are feeling at this holiday time, especially if you’re unemployed or in a job you hate. And especially if you are sick and tired of hearing nothing back, despite your best efforts.

I want you to know I’m thinking about you. The holidays, despite how merry we’re supposed to be, can be tough for anyone. But if you’re still looking for that job, it may not feel like a time for holiday parties and gift-giving – even if you’re trying to show some holiday spirit for the sake of others.

You’re not the only one going through this

Not that knowing this will make everything better, but maybe it helps to know that it isn’t just you. There are MANY people in the same boat. And it’s really hard to keep remembering how good you are when all you get are rejections or silence.

But the thing about job hunting – and I have a lot of experience going through this myself – is that job seekers almost ALWAYS have the thought that maybe nothing is ever going to come their way … until it finally does. And that job offer can come at any time.

The key is keeping your spirits up not just for others, but for yourself. You are still the very same person who had hopes and dreams when you began looking. And you still have a LOT to give the right employer – even if a bunch of them (the wrong ones for you) didn’t think so.

Job search is kind of like playing the lottery

Just because you weren’t right for a good number of employers doesn’t mean you aren’t very right for the ones that matter. I had a client once who is extremely talented, but after an extended job search where he was turned down again and again, he was beginning to doubt himself and his ability to ever land a new job.

So he made an appointment with me to help him see what he was doing wrong and “fix it”. But the funny thing is that the day before we were supposed to speak for the first time he got TWO great offers, and I wound up helping him through the negotiations instead.

Turns out he wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was a matter of not having found the right opportunities yet. Like the stories you hear about someone winning two lotteries after not having ever won anything … sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. And, of course, patience.

What you can do for yourself as we start a new year

Going into the new year, it’s important that you hit the ground running. Try your best to leave the past behind you, and go for it with full energy as if starting over. A new year, a new job search.

The past does not need to weigh down the future. Even if you’re pretty sure that you have all the facts, why not take a few moments to read this and see if there might be something new here that at least sparks an idea:

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And if you’ve been out of work for a long time or are trying to shift directions, this is a good time to take charge of re-booting your resume and job story. Even if it feels hard, try the old “fake it until you make it” approach. Taking positive action in a new direction, in and of itself, often helps.

And you can help fill any recent gap on your resume with action you made happen or something new – something that shows off your skills or at least shows initiative. Think about things such as as volunteering, starting a project, working for someone else part-time or free-lance, taking classes, etc.

Most of all, remember that this is a process that wears down the best of us. And no matter how many job possibilities fall flat, you only need ONE “yes” to turn everything around. Good luck!

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