Job Interviews: Do I Still Have a Chance If My Interviewer Seemed Bored?

CN_Marc_v1_eThe last thing you want to do is to bore your job interviewer! But how can you know for sure what an interviewer is really thinking? A smiling interviewer can just be someone who likes to be polite. An interviewer who looks bored or not interested may actually be ready to recommend you for the next round of interviews.

While the look on someone’s face or their body language can provide clues, the truth is that you simply can’t know for sure … until they tell you. In How Do I Know If I Did Well On My Job Interview?, I give some signs to help you TRY to figure out how you did. But there can be more to the picture.

What might really be going on with the interviewer

So let’s say that you are doing your best, but you notice the interviewer looks bored. Maybe he or she is even checking their watch, even if they try to be subtle. But things are not always what they seem.

Perhaps the person isn’t feeling well that day. Maybe they slept badly. Maybe they didn’t want to do the interview and office politics are at play. Or maybe they know what they want to do already – “yeah … she’s worth sending to the next round” – but feel obligated to give you a full interview.

Their mood and how they are acting is not always directly related to your chances. Your interviewer is just a person, and sometimes their personal life creeps into the interview experience, although most try to cover it. But not all interviewers are the same or even good at it.

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So is bored a good sign?

No. Of course not. I don’t want to leave you with the impression that any interview where the person across the table from you was yawning is for sure going to move you to the next step. Sometimes a bored interviewer is indeed a bad interview sign.

But that said, I also don’t want you to go to that dark place many people go to after an interview. There are enough potential things that have nothing to do with you, that might have been going on that day with the interviewer, for you to at least keep this as a possibility.

Meanwhile, whether your interview went well or not, PLEASE keep looking for a job, just in case. You never know what else you might find.

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No matter what mood they are in or their individual interview style, it pays to prepare ahead of time to at least make sure that YOU give it your all.

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