Job Interviews: How To Answer Why Do You Want to Work For Us

CN_Marc_v1_eWhen an employer asks you the “Why do you want to work here?” question, it’s tempting to simply go on about all the great things the company has to offer. But an even stronger way to answer is to think more about why YOU want to work for the company.

That may sound like the same thing, but it’s really not. By giving a slightly different slant to your answer to this fairly standard interview question, you can  help yourself in a few ways.

The question isn’t “Why would anyone want to work for us?”

I often tell people to focus job interview answers on the employer and their needs. In this case, they aren’t really asking you to go on and on about how fabulous THEY are. Not that a few words of praise won’t help as you talk about why you want to work there.

But I remember a job candidate I was interviewing who went on and on about how she’s always dreamed of working for us, and how prestigious our organization is. “It would be an honor to work here,” she gushed.

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STORY CONTINUES: But anyone could have told us that. And we already knew it. So I didn’t learn anything from her answer that would make her stand out from everyone else we interviewed that day. It was a waste of a good chance to use the answer to her best advantage.

She didn’t take the time to tell me what in particular about her and her background made the company a great fit for her. And she didn’t tie her answer to something about herself that I would remember as I went over all the people I had interviewed afterward.

Not only that, but her gushiness about us was kind of over the top. Dreams are great, but you also want to see something solid in how the job candidate presents himself or herself.

How To Really Answer Why You Want to Work for Them

I decided to write a new post that covers this topic in more detail, but also provides a sample answer that you can use as a template to create your own answer to this interview question.

Hope you find this helpful:

=>  Sample Answer for “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”


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