Job Search: 8 Essential (Personal) Tools for Job Hunting Success

CN_Marc_v1_eWhether you’re just getting ready to start your job search or have already begun hunting for that perfect job, there are some things that are essential to have in place before you begin your search – and before you start trying to get people to help you.

I am working with a client who in the past always found it hard to find a job that she actually wanted. And as simple as this may seem, the first thing about job search is to make sure YOU know what you want – and can communicate it clearly to others.

What you need to have in place to begin your job search

  •  Clear, easy-to-communicate understanding of what kind(s) of job you want most
  •  Clear, easy-to-communicate understanding of what kinds of companies you would enjoy working for most
  •  Clear, easy-to-communicate understanding of what skills and experience you bring to the table that could win you the job
  •  Some strong, interesting and not-too-long stories that show those skills and experience
  •  Resume (targeted to each job) that emphasizes the things you did that you most want to repeat
  •  Resume that de-emphasizes those tasks you prefer not to repeat
  •  Cover letter (targeted to each job) that highlights a few key things that speak directly to the new job
  •  A strong belief in yourself to handle whatever comes your way and find opportunities other might not see!

The last point might surprise you, but it helps you see the possibility in jobs that you otherwise might have passed over. And most importantly, it connects you to and helps you see the possibilities in yourself!

Some final thoughts

There’s a lot more to job search of course, including social media (especially LinkedIn). Some of the articles below will help with that. But if you don’t have the essentials in place, your job search can become disjointed – or worse yet actually turn off people you otherwise might have connected with.

So please take the time to think about who you are, what you have to offer, the kinds of jobs and companies you most want to work for, and how to make sure that you present a strong, engaging story about all of it.

Good luck finding the job you want – and helping an employer find you!

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