Job Search: Does It Pay To Look for Jobs During the Holidays?

CN_Marc_v1_eWell, it sure doesn’t pay anything if you don’t!

Now I really do get that this is a serious question, and I don’t mean to be flip. But I don’t quite understand why any job seeker wouldn’t want to take every opportunity possible to get themselves what they want most … a new job!

“But job search is hard and I need a break!”

This is where I do understand. Job search is not only hard, it is often frustrating and demoralizing. And at a time where so many are in a celebratory mood, the idea of putting yourself out there for possibly even more rejection is not something you are looking forward to.

Plus, you’ve heard that hiring slows down at the end of the year during the holiday season. And that may be true. More people out of the office can lead to longer wait times to schedule interviews and get offer packages together.

But if a company does need to hire, even with any extra obstacles at this time of year, the interview process continues.

Why it does pay to keep your efforts going full force

Companies still need to get their staff in place. And for some, ramping up by the start of the new year is part of their official plan. So many will do all they can to make sure they hire the right person as soon as possible.

And if you had the thought of easing up, assume that you are not alone. So perhaps the competition is just a little lighter at this time. Or at least not as fully energized.

That’s where you can jump to the head of the line by making sure you put in the same effort as you would at the beginning of the year. And when it comes to job search in December, it really is the beginning by the time you get hired.

The best approach now and always

Don’t think about what day it is or what time of year … just give it your all no matter what.

And if you do need a break … give yourself permission to take a few days off to do something wonderful, without punishing yourself for not having that job in place yet. You need to refuel to be in top form during interviews – and to stay sane!

Wipe the slate clean when it comes to what you’ve heard or what you think employers are thinking – or anything that happened up to now, even those rejections. See each time as a fresh start, and give it your all. Show the potential employer just how well you match the job … and how much commitment, resilience and focused effort you put into whatever you do!

Happy holidays. And good luck!

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