Job Search Samples: Letters, Resumes, Cover Letters & Supporting Documents


The way you represent yourself in writing can make a big difference to your chances of finding a job. What you send employers via email or even snail mail helps them decide whether to give you a chance – or whether to let you move on in the interview process once begun.

While I strongly encourage job seekers to write original communications when contacting an employer, providing requested information, or following up after an interview, it often helps to see examples before you begin writing.


First a few words about using samples

Each job seeker is different and so is the type of job, industry and particular circumstances at any given time. So when you use examples or templates, it helps to first do your research and use what you’ve learned to customize any sample to the given situation.

NOTE: If you have any questions about how to use these or perhaps when to take a different approach, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Resumes and cover letters

An important part of creating a resume that has a better chance of being noticed and selected, is taking the time to target each one you send to the individual job. I know that’s a lot of work, but more resumes does not get you more interviews. Carefully targeted resumes and cover letters can.

♦   Resume Sample: Business Analyst Resume Targeted to the Job

♦   Resume Sample: IT Project Manager Resume Targeted to Job

♦   Resume Sample: Patient Advocate Resume Targeted to the Job

♦   Sample SAP Project Manager / Business Analyst Resume


♦   Business Process Analyst Resume Sample

♦   Cover Letter Sample: How To Target Your Cover Letter To the Job

♦   12 Reasons Your Cover Letter Isn’t Working for You


After the interview

Whether you’re looking to follow-up after your interview, or you’ve been asked to send a reference sheet (a good thing), or you received a rejection (hopefully not) and are wondering what to do, the following samples and templates should help.

♦   After the Interview: Thank You Note (SAMPLE)

♦   Template for a Follow-up Note After a Job Interview

♦   If You Forgot To Send Thank You Note After a Job Interview

♦   Sample Thank You Email To Employer After FINAL Interview


♦   How To Create a Reference List Sheet for Interviews

♦   Sample Follow-up Letter After Being Rejected for a Job

♦   How To Ask For Feedback After a Job Interview (Sample)


Contacting people to help you find jobs

The best ally you can have in your job search is a real live human being to help you find unlisted jobs and cut through Human Resources red tape for any job, listed or not. I hope these will help make things easier for you.

♦   Sample Networking Contacts Spreadsheet

♦   Example of a “Cold-Call” Letter of Interest to a Company