Just a Note About NYC Exam Listings & Other Government Jobs

CN_Marc_v1_eQuick note to my readers:

For the last few months, I’ve been posting monthly exam schedules for the most recently-offered New York City civil service positions for your convenience. But there haven’t been all that many people who seem interested, so I’ll be discontinuing these posts from now on.

You can find more information at any time about the Monthly Application Schedules for NYC Civil Service exams, including those exams for current city employees, here.

A bit more about government & other job listings

If you’re a member of LinkedIn, you can log into your account and find openings for jobs in New York State here. (Or so they tell me.)

I believe this will include both governmental and non-governmental jobs. Worth checking out if you want to work in upstate new York especially.

NOTE:  If you’re not a LinkedIn member, I strongly suggest you go to LinkedIn.com now and join. Networking is a powerful career tool, and this is one of the best social networking sites to help with your current job search efforts as well as with career growth on an ongoing basis.

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I also found these government job listing links for government jobs in Illinois and New Jersey, for anyone who might be interested:

Illinois civil service listings

New Jersey State jobs  [Check residence requirements carefully. By county.]

Hope that helps someone. I now return this blog to regular programming. 🙂