Open Civil Service Exams for NYC for March 2017

CN_Marc_v1_eI’ve been posting monthly exam schedules for New York City open competitive exams — meaning open to anyone who qualifies. So, for your convenience, here are the March exam schedules if you’re interested in applying for any of the listed competitive titles.

They also have exams for current city employees. If you work for the city now and are looking to take any of the available March exams, you can find a link to those schedules below.

A few words about the current openings

I noticed that this month’s open competitive exam titles seem to be mostly focused on positions related to security and protection. I just wanted to assure you that is not always the case if these don’t fit your job needs, so please don’t think those are the only kinds of jobs New York City offers.

It’s just that not all job titles are offered every month. Hopefully, in the coming months there will be jobs that are more administrative in nature and / or for people with different kinds of technical skills.

=>   See link below for more info …


More information

You can find more information about the March 2017 Monthly Application Schedules for NYC Civil Service exams, including those exams for current city employees, here.

There are new exams and job titles each month, so if this month’s list doesn’t have what you need, you can check the new schedules each month. And if you do apply, good luck!