Resume Sample: Example of Patient Advocate Resume Targeted to the Job

CN_Marc_v1_eAs part of a series of posts about how to target your resume to the actual job, here is an example of a patient advocate resume using a portion of a sample job description with key phrases for targeting highlighted. (Please note that any resumes I use are edited for privacy.)

Sample Patient Advocate Job Description

We are a well-known health facility specializing in patient care for the HIV community. We’re looking for someone with extensive client care experience and a strong understanding of the issues and concerns of HIV clients we serve. Some of the specific requirements include:

  • A minimum of 5 years experience working as part of a team within in a client care capacity. At least one year experience in the HIV community is preferred.
  • Develops and maintains relationships and provides responsive patient services with assigned client caseload.
  • Organizes and maintains records on each patient and updates information on an ongoing basis, in accordance with Company policy and HIPAA regulations.
  • Plans for patient service needs and executes patient home visits to further promote patient loyalty,
  • Monitors and assists patients/family with insurance and legal issues as well as personal budgets.
  • Plans and executes community events in order to help educate existing and potential new patients to organization’s programs and services.
  • Initiates and maintains existing and new relationships throughout the HIV community.
  • Education or experience equivalent to an Associate degree is required.

How to Target the Resume to the Job Description

Using the highlighted phrases from the job description, decide which accomplishments you want to emphasize or add to your resume – and maybe which to leave out, if they have nothing to do with the new job. While being totally honest and using your real experience, help the employer see where your experience from the past connects nicely to what they are looking for.

In this particular case, our made-up job seeker Teresa Ratchet has a background that is not completely in synch with the job requirements, although some of it is close. So she looked to see what she can emphasize and rephrase to help paint a picture that more closely matches the job she wants.

This is based on a real life situation, and the good news is that the changes she made (plus a well-written, targeted cover letter) got her to the interview. I add that as a note of encouragement for those of you whose current resumes aren’t perfect fits – just know they can be better fits and that just might be the turning point.

In Teresa’s case she made sure to mention any HIV client experience (even though it wasn’t direct patient care) and also, where possible, to emphasize her ability to work with and support people, while paying attention to details. This is a way to use transferable skills and target them to the new job.

You’ll notice there aren’t too many exact hits between her resume and the job description, and yet the overall picture, led by the skills summary at the top, targets her more closely with the job than her original resume did. Enough to catch the resume screener’s eye.

Sample Targeted Patient Advocate Resume

Compare her new resume (two pages) to the job description, and see if you can spot some of the areas that spoke to the hiring team.


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Final note

Whatever resume you are using, you will have a better chance if you take the time to make sure you emphasize experiences and skills that directly relate to the job you want. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for the employer to see the match!

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