Sample Answers for “Why Should I Hire You?” vs “Why Do You Want This Job?”

CN_Marc_v1_eAt first glance, the “why should we hire you” job interview question may seem pretty much the same as the “why do you want to work here / for us?” question. In either case, your interviewer is asking you to tell them why the heck they should give YOU the job. Right?

Well, not exactly. They may seem the same, but to show a potential employer that you listen well and are answering the actual question that they ask with careful thought, it would be best to approach each answer a little differently – why would we want to hire you vs. what about this job do you want?

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Sample answer for why THEY should hire you

Let’s take a closer look at the “why should WE hire you” question. What is the employer really getting at when they ask you to come up with an answer for that at your interview?

Clearly they already have their own reasons for calling you in and placing you in the interview hot seat. But they want to see how you approach this. It’s a good way of checking to see if you truly understand the job and the company.

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What this question is NOT is a chance for you to go on and on about your own life history and all the cool things you’ve always dreamed about in a job. UNLESS maybe you can totally tie that in to their needs. But I think this is a better way of approaching your answer:

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Sample answer for why YOU want to work for them

A different version of that why should we hire you question is the “Why do you want to work for us?” question. This one is totally about you. Except it still has to point to them (the employer) somehow.

I’ve interviewed job seekers who tell an exciting story about their dreams and passions – but they forget to make it mesh with the job that they’re interviewing for. That leaves interviewers thinking this is just an interim job, and that she or he will be looking to move on as soon as they can manage it.

And while that may be true for you, a job interview is not the place to share something like that! Instead, here’s an article that gives you what I think is a better way to handle the question:

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Some final thoughts

Again, for these questions or any questions you’re asked, it’s important to come up with answers that match your situation and personality. So much of how well you do is about how much of the real you comes across during the conversation. Otherwise they could just hire your resume.

So often I’ve interviewed people who come in with some idea that they have to be rigid and perfect. It’s true you need to impress the interviewer in a short period of time. But if it looks like you’re not showing them a real person, that leaves a feeling of hiding something. Or it doesn’t leave an impression they remember.

So once you’re sitting in that interview room, drop all the pretenses and canned answers. Listen carefully. Think about what the question is really asking, and then do your best to give a real answer. In the end, they’re looking for someone who can get the job done, but also someone they want to work with day in and day out!

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