What Does It Mean If They Reposted the Job After My Interview?

CN_Marc_v1_eJob seekers sometimes like to check and see if the job they just interviewed for is still listed. And they get excited if they see that it isn’t. This has to be good news for their chances, right?

Maybe. But sometimes they see it reposted. And they wonder what the heck is going on. Is it a bad sign? Naturally they worry that it’s the end of the hiring road for them.

What does reposting a job mean for a job seeker?

I have a good friend who likes to say “no news is no news.” In job search terms, you can take that to mean that just because you haven’t heard any feedback after you apply or interview, it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking of you positively.

In fact, lack of response doesn’t mean anything for sure. And similarly “news” (such as a job being reposted), can also be “no news”. It can mean absolutely nothing that affects you or your application status, despite the apparent significance.

How can that be? If you interviewed with an employer and within a day or two the job is reposted, doesn’t that HAVE to mean that you blew it? Well, it could mean that, but not always. There are other possible reasons.

Why does an employer list the job again?

OK. So I just told you it could mean something, and it could mean nothing. I know that’s not much help. But when it comes to the hiring process, so many of the signs that you look for come down to that same unsatisfying explanation. And simply knowing that may help some of you wait it out. At least I hope so.

I worked as a consultant for a large university many years, and as part of work I helped with their hiring. And there were times when we actually reposted the job, even if we had one or two pretty good candidates.

So while I can’t speak to every employer,  based on my first-hand experience, I can give you some of the main reasons an employer might repost or even keep the ad running – and what that may mean for you:

  • The most obvious reason would be that they haven’t found THE candidate they consider strong enough for the job, even if they like you.
  • They may be an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) employer who is concerned that the applicant pool is too narrow, so they want to encourage more people of diverse backgrounds to apply.
  • They may simply have gotten too few candidates, even if they have a potential winner, to satisfy internal recruiting requirements.
  • They may not be in a rush (even if you are) and just want to see who else might apply.
  • They may have made an offer, had the person turn them down, and are obligated to repost.
  • They may have made an offer and had to rescind it, based on a background check – and are obligated to repost.
  • They may have hired someone who started, but for whatever reason the person didn’t work – and again are obligated to repost.
  • They had a contract for a certain number of listings and rather than this being an actual reposting, this may just be a scheduled listing.
  • There may be ongoing internal changes causing this job to be removed & then re-approved – and even if it takes months, eventually filled.
  • They simply may not have their hiring process act together. (Hopefully the people you would work with are not the same folks.)

What should you do if you see the job was listed again?

First and foremost … don’t lose all hope! Look at the reasons above for reposting a job and console yourself knowing that there are things going on behind the scenes that may simply be about their internal process.

That said, if you haven’t been bugging them too often, this could be a good opportunity to call or write. Mention you saw the job reposted and ask politely if you are still in the running – adding that you’re still very interested. If you have a new skill or accomplishment, this is a great time to tell them.

Other than that, until you hear back from them, you may as well keep looking with full determination. If you find a better job and this one pops up again, you can decide between two offers at that point!

Good luck!

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