Wishing You a NEW Year a Little Early

CN_Marc_v1_eI’m signing off from adding any new articles until 2016. But I didn’t want to vanish without first saying a few things to all of you as we head into the new year together.

First, it’s an honor for me to be able to offer words of encouragement and, hopefully, tips that help make your job search easier. It makes my day when you write to tell me that something you found on this blog helped get you through a tough interview, or better yet to a job you really want.

New beginnings: how this blog was born

In 2006, after my mom died, I felt lost. And a friend told me about blogging … something I knew nothing about. So I started a blog on WordPress called Work Coach, where I wrote about the world of work and job search from my own first-hand experience. And people started writing to ask me questions.

I gotta say that it felt really good helping. It gave me purpose at a particularly tough time in my life. Oh, I had my job. And I had the support of good friends. But this was something different. It felt like a reflection of me in a way no job had ever quite achieved. And it grew into Work Coach Cafe and then my current blog, Career Nook.

Now it’s about 9 years later, and along the way I left my IT consulting work behind and traded it for career coaching and blogging — something I never could have imagined as a way to make a living. And it all started from a “let me just try this” moment.

There’s no time like the present to start

I leave you with that story in case there’s something you’ve been wanting to try … even if it feels like it makes no sense in your current career and life. All you need is small steps and a willingness to keep going, even when things feel unfamiliar or scary.

And if you keep in your heart the belief that you will get there somehow some way, even when things go wrong, you’ll eventually create something you can love and be proud of — even if it’s not exactly your first vision. You’ll also find supportive people and new paths along the way that would not have been there otherwise.

But to get yourself anywhere new, you have to at least take the first step on your own. As the new year begins … why not now?

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