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Mark Oconnell
4202 Black Oak Hollow Road
San Jose, CA 95113

Executive Summary

Extensive experience in operations and management
Dedicated customer satisfaction
Outstanding analytical skills
Articulate and Problem solver
Motivational Skills
Gap Analysis

Central Competencies

Proposal Development
Quality Control Procedures
Strategic Planning
Customer Relations Managemen
Business Strategy Development

Process Improvement
Budgetary and Cost Control
Market Analysis
Training Programs


MBA, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Public Personnel Management
Feasibility Study: Traditional Sales Marketing vs. Online Marketing

B.S. in Commerce & Management
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Professional Experience
Chief Management Consultant
Core Duo Advisers, Washington, MD


  • Tasked to support and review developmental programs.
  • Facilitated training programs for employees.
  • Determined alternate methods and procedures in solving problems and proposing solutions.
  • Proposed modification of equipments and devices.
  • Redesigned mode of delivery of products and services.
  • Implemented training programs for telemarketers and floor agents to improve performance.

Senior Project consultant
Ethan Engineering Company Ltd.


  • Advertised company’s profile, products and services to big companies to initiate partnership.
  • Acted as negotiator in the BREP and PRAE contract.
  • Supervised the expansion project of SEC.
  • Instituted partnership with different vendors of City A in procuring manufacturing equipments.

Companies Worked For

LMM Engineering Services
KTY Placement Agency
SKY Line Corp.,
Synnex Industries


2007: Towards a Green and Safe Environment, On the Line Publication, 83-89

Negotiation Workshop
Diploma in Industrial Entrepreneurship and Management
Public Speaking Distinction Award 2007

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