Accounting and Finance CV Templates

A well-written CV is ground zero in any job search in accounting and finance. But what’s the value of a terrific CV versus an excellent resume? First, a CV is a document that gets longer as your experience grows, painting a fuller picture of your professional growth than most resumes. The beauty of a CV is that, since it contains a running record all of your work experience and accomplishments, a CV can be submitted for any job regardless of title. So, if you are looking into several job titles within the accounting and finance industry, a single CV will do the trick for all whereas you have to tailor your resume to individual jobs. Another benefit? Crafting a solid CV and regularly updating it will make it easier to write tailored resumes for jobs that require one in the future. Study the tips for writing an accounting and finance CV on this page and view the accounting and finance CV templates for more guidance.

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Accounting and Finance CV Templates

Financial Investment Manager

Since financial investment managers are responsible for an organization’s financial health, your CV should outline your ability to develop investment strategies, create the long-term financial goals.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skill: Writing financial reports

Finance Risk Manager

Finance risk managers guard an organization’s finances by developing strategies so your CV should reflect your experience in meeting the financial goals of an organization and directing their investment plans.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: A bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers run the department that assesses a company’s financial operations. Experience with both preparing and examining financial records and in management is critical to highlight on your CV.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 11%
• Education: BA in accounting
• Must-have skills: Accuracy and the ability to meet deadlinesAccountantAn accountant’s CV should showcase your experience assesses the financial operations of a company to help ensure that the organization is run efficiently.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 11%
• Critical skills: Preparing and examining financial records.
• Education: BA in accounting

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What Most Accounting and Finance Jobseekers Forget to Include

You’ve listed all of your skills on your accounting and finance CV, but something is still probably missing. While the technical skills and educational requirements we outline for accounting and finance CV templates are certainly necessary, job seekers applying for these roles often overlook another important element on CVs: soft skills. As critical as it is to be an experienced numbers person in these positions, highlighting other, non-technical skills and qualities can set you apart from the competition. Remember to mention traits such as attention to detail, being deadline-driven and accuracy in your CV. In addition, since managing money is a precise skill that can be met with an emotional response, being a strong verbal and written communicator, the ability to stay calm in a crisis and being capable of conflict resolution can be game-changers on your CV. Details, such as volunteer work, hobbies, clubs and other pursuits are also terrific ways to paint a fuller picture of who you are on your CV. So, whether you write a finance blog for fun or volunteer to prepare tax returns for seniors, it’s work a mention because they showcase qualities your hard skills can’t.

Excellent Action Verbs for Your Accounting and Finance CV

Your CV is a document that is singularly designed to prove your value in your industry. To best express that value, you’ll need to choose the right language. Notice the great action verbs in our accounting and finance CV templates and do your best to emulate them. These are important to cultivate. Don’t use the same old boring terminology over and over. Wow them with strong action verbs that describe to a T who you are and what you’ve accomplished.
• Controlled
• Coordinated
• Executed
• Formalized
• Formulated
• Gained
• Instituted
• Reconciled
• Standardized
• Sustained
• Yielded

These are just some examples; find the words that you think best describe you as an accounting and finance professional. Concentrating on the use of strong action words will help you to avoid using passive phrases in your accounting and finance CV. Remember, these words will help you to express your career accomplishments.