Administrative Support CV Templates

As you look for an administrative support position, you may be searching across a wide range of industries, from fashion design to structural engineering to financial management. And because each of your target job titles and target industries may vary, you’ll benefit by submitting a CV to potential employers instead of a standard resume. While a resume involves only a single page, or two at the most, a CV can keep growing as your career grows. And while a resume is designed to target a specific open position with a specific title, a CV can be submitted to almost any relevant employer regardless of the nature or title of the employer’s open position. As you launch into your job search, create a CV and keep it on file with the rest of your career-building tools and resources. You may not need to use it or submit it for every job you pursue, but you’ll have it on hand when the moment arrives. You can also use your CV as a research document as you draft and tailor targeted resumes in the future. Use the administrative support CV templates on this page for guidance.

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Administrative Support CV Templates

Administrative Assistant CV template

Administrative assistants keep busy executives on task and on schedule, so make sure your CV highlights your planning, budgeting, and scheduling abilities. Here are a few more job details to keep in mind:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree or high school diploma
• Top skill to mention: Organization

Human Resources Administrative Assistant CV template

HR administrative assistants handle personnel files for a company’s workforce, and they support the duties of the HR team, which may involve maintaining employee performance data, salary data, and interviewing schedules. Incorporate these details into your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Required education: High school diploma or bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Records management and back-office software skills

School Administrative Assistant CV template

School administrative assistants help administers and department heads manage personal files, plan training programs, collect research data, and create reports and documents for school board members. A few additional details for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Education: High school diploma or bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Communication, organization, basic software skills

Entry Level Administrative Assistant CV template

An entry level administrative assistant’s CV should showcase the applicant’s ability to organize information and facilitate communication between different individuals and teams. Keep these job facts in mind:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Education: High school diploma or bachelor’s degree
• Critical skills: Communication, file management

Front Office Assistant CV template

A CV for a front office assistant position should highlight a few key skills, including an ability to greet visitors warmly, provide customer service, and solve unexpected problems. Here are a few job facts that might be helpful:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Education: High school diploma
• Critical skills: Customer service, communication

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What Most Administrative Support Jobseekers Forget to Include

While most administrative support applicants are quick to reference their filing skills, schedule management abilities, and general organizational competence, they often overlook a critical component of the job: software skills. Employers may not ask you to provide direct evidence of your technical savvy, but if you know how to edit a photo, create a chart in Excel, or quickly master a conference calling platform you’ve never used before, your potential employers will certainly want to know about this. Check out the administrative support CV templates and make sure you include all of your technical skills and relevant experiences in your CV. Don’t assume your potential employers are more interested in your sunny smile than your HTML background.

Excellent Action Verbs for Administrative Support CV’s

Sharp, accurate verbs and precise language can help your CV stand out and grab the attention of busy reviewers. So when you choose verbs and descriptors, avoid weak or abstract terms like “was,” “had,” and “am.” Instead, search through these administrative support CV templates and notice how each entry relies on varied and hard-hitting word choices. The terminology and action verbs in your CV should provide your reader with a meaningful sense of what you’ve learned and accomplished.
• Managed
• Re-organized
• Developed
• Solved
• Supported
• Documented
• Maintained
• Formalized
• Standardized
• Monitored
• Filed
• Trained
• Led

Use these examples or choose your own set of action verbs that best show off your key accomplishments and responsibilities. As you draft and edit your administrative support CV, keep in mind that you’ll have more success if you can separate yourself from the crowd and stand out in a highly qualified applicant pool. Concrete examples of past successes can give you an edge over your competition.