Architecture CV Templates

Professional architecture pros rely on a complete job search toolkit when they enter the market in search of work, and that toolkit should include a detailed CV. But not all job seekers recognize the difference between a CV and a standard resume, or the benefits of one document over another. While a resume generally stays the same length (about one page), a CV grows along with the applicant and continues to accumulate new entries and pages with every additional job and year of experience. CVs tend to contain a running record of a job seeker’s accomplishments, so if you have one on file, you can use it to look back over your history and find details you may have forgotten. And since you don’t need to tailor a CV to meet the needs of any specific open position or target employer, you can simply attach your document to an email or hand it over to a recruiter in order to show your interest in a given opportunity. Review the architecture CV templates on this page to gain some tips and inspiration as you create your own profile. And keep in mind that once your document is created, you can simply file it away and update it as your career grows and evolves.

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Architecture CV Templates

Architectural Designer CV template

Architectural designers draft and draw plans for building interiors that may include residential homes, office spaces, work areas, commercial sites, stores, and any number of other facilities. Designers sometimes also draw facades, attachments, and other structures in ways that are both beautiful and practical. In order to excel in this field, job seekers need to demonstrate the artistic skill and design experience that can reassure and inspire potential employers, and this typically requires an understanding of building codes and usage requirements. Your CV should shine a light on these credentials.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skill to mention: Structural design, customer relationship management

Architect CV template

Architects are the talented professionals who design and create blueprints for commercial and residential buildings, factories, bridges and other infrastructures, and any structure or dwelling used and occupied by clients and their customers. If you’re searching for work in this field, you’ll want a CV that shows off your structural training and design experience. You’ll also want to highlight your ability to work with a team of clients, engineers, and other stakeholders. Other tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: A bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Structural design training, organization, and teamwork

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What Most Architectural Jobseekers Forget to Include

As you create your architectural CV, you probably won’t miss an opportunity to showcase your extensive training, on-the-job experience, and previous relevant roles. You’ll probably also show off your experience with various design software platforms and knowledge of building codes. But there are a few things that should take center stage in your profile, credentials that may not get the full attention they deserve. Be sure to include these in your CV. Use the architecture CV templates to get a sense of what yours might look like after you’ve added every single detail that can help you stand out and shine. For example, don’t forget that a large percentage of your success as an architect or structural designer will come from your skills as a communicator. Clearly spoken and written interactions will help those around you to understand complex design and engineering concepts that must be conveyed in order for all parties to sidestep expensive mistakes. As a designer or architect, you’ll rarely work alone; instead, you’ll be surrounded by teams, clients, engineers, interior designers, city planners, and others who depend on you””and you on them””for success. Meanwhile, you’ll also need to understand your mentor, employer, direct reports, and support staff. Don’t take your communication skills for granted!

Excellent Action Verbs for Architecture CV’s

Your own CV should rely on strong action verbs. Precision in language can make or break the success of your career, so you’ll need to choose words that stand out and send an effective message. Make sure you vary your verbs as well; don’t overuse the same set repeatedly. Start with choices like these:
• Designed
• Led
• Executed
• Created
• Built
• Managed
• Mentored
• Partnered
• Drafted
• Won
• Implemented

These are just a few examples; there are dozens more that you can find in our architecture CV templates that may incorporate nicely into your own profile. No matter which verbs you choose, keep your voice active instead of passive, and choose fewer words, ones that contain maximum descriptive power.