Beauty and Spa CV Templates

As you launch your job search in the beauty field, you’ll have plenty of advantages to rely on: you’ll have your training, personal experience, and a beautifully written professional profile, or CV. A CV can be compared with a resume, but a few differences separate the two. First, a resume typically stays within limits in terms of length (one page or two). But a CV grows as your career grows, eventually providing a full picture of your entire professional history. This can help support your career on two levels, since it allows you to keep a detailed, active record of what you’ve accomplished, and it also allows your potential employers to read deeply into your background. Use these beauty and spa CV templates as a guide to creating your own document. Know that your completed CV won’t need to be customized for every application you submit; you can create one document and send it off to your employers as is.

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Beauty and Spa CV Templates

Makeup Artist CV Template

Makeup artists specialize in creating illusions and supporting scene development by applying makeup to the faces of actors and models for film and photo shoots. The growth of this market is closely tied to the health and growth of media and theatrical sectors of the job marketplace. Here’s some additional information for your job search:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience
• Top skill to mention: Artistic and theatrical production training Beauty Advisor CV Template

Beauty advisors help their clients understand how to cleanse and nourish their skin and hair and choose products that enhance their appearance. They earn client trust and sometimes promote specific products for their employers. Here are some facts:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 12%
• Required education: Post-secondary non-degree training (certificate, license, etc.)
• Must-have skills: In-depth knowledge, customer serviceSpa Manager CV Template

A spa manager typically oversees the daily operations of a spa, resort, or facility that provides massages, manicures, and pedicures. As you search for work in this field, use your CV to highlight your organization and management skills.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 0% (Unchanging)
• Education: Bachelor’s degree or on-the-job training
• Must-have skills: Budgeting, scheduling, leadership

Salon Manager CV Template

For work as a salon manager, you’ll need a CV that highlights your ability to manage a constantly shifting cast of clients, stylists, and support staff as they come and go from the facility. Emphasize your leadership and organizational skills.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 0-2%
• Critical skills: Operations management, customer service
• Education: BA, certificate, or relevant experienceHairstylist CV Template

As a hairstylist, you’ll engage in a personal relationship with your clients based on confidence and trust. Keep these CV tips in mind:
• Projected job growth: 0-2%
• Critical Skills: Customer service, communication
• Education: Certification, relevant experience

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What Most Beauty and Spa Jobseekers Forget to Include

Most job seekers in the beauty and spa field highlight their customer-care focus and extensive training in beauty and esthetics. Those who thrive in this field are usually excellent communicators who can understand and support their client’s needs. But there are additional skills that also forecast success, and employers tend to notice these immediately. They include long-term planning (for those in management roles), software skills (for those who want to stay on top of beauty trends) and marketing (for those who want to help their employers grow a business). If you can list any of these strengths in your CV, you’ll be on your way to an interview, since these credentials can set you apart. Take a close look at our beauty and spa CV templates and notice how these job seekers don’t miss a single opportunity to stand out.

Excellent Action Verbs for Beauty and Spa CV’s

Every word of your CV should be as memorable and meaningful as you are! As you draft and edit your document, make sure your verbs are carefully chosen. Verbs set the tone for each of the bulleted phrases that describe your skills and accomplishments, so your verbs should be active, not passive, and strong, not weak. For example, take out “Was responsible for designing”¦” and replace it with “Designed”¦” and replace weak verbs (is, was, were, had, did) with clearer, more descriptive options, like the ones listed below. You can also check out the beauty and spa CV templates for additional guidance.
• Designed
• Managed
• Led
• Supported
• Practiced
• Advised
• Sold
• Presented
• Improved
• Maintained
• Achieved

Find the words that can best help managers understand your abilities and accomplishments. Use your verbs to help your readers understand the nature of your past roles and future ambitions.