Business CV Templates

Business positions typically require a professional profile that allows employers””and potential investors””to understand the applicant’s background. But if you’re looking for work and opportunities in these areas, you may need more than just a standard resume. Your resume can help reviewers skim through your background quickly, but in order to provide a more in-depth picture, consider providing a detailed, professional CV.Take a look at these business CV templates to fully understand the differences between a CV and resume. With a CV, you’re free to provide every detail of your background and accomplishments””not just the details that you can fit onto a single page. And when you apply for a position, you don’t need to tailor your CV to meet the specific needs of the position or the employer; you can simply create one document and send it off as-is.

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Business CV Templates

Business Development Manager CV Template

Business development managers take responsibility for finding and attracting new clients and growth opportunities, so as you search for work in this area, you’ll need to emphasize your marketing, communications, and problem solving skills.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skill to mention: Presentation and analytical skills

Small Business Entrepreneur CV Template

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be responsible for the fate of your own career, so make sure your CV has the power to win over potential investors and partners. Other tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: New businesses are currently rising and falling at a steady rate
• Required education: Entrepreneurship is learned on the job, but a BA can help
• Must-have skills: Personal drive and an interest in learning new things

Business Administration Manager CV Template

When you’re looking for work as a business administration manager, your CV will need to shine a light on your leadership and executive functioning skills, as well as your ability to monitor many aspects of an organization at the same time. Other tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 8%
• Education: BA in business
• Must-have skills: Planning and coordinating support services

Business Development Executive CV Template

Business development teams are often led by a manager/director and made up of mid-level to senior level employees or executives. If you’re working your way up the development ladder, you’ll need a CV that highlights your ambition and commitment to your goals. Other tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Critical skills: Expanding company workforce and client base
• Education: BA in business management Business Analyst CV Template

A skilled business analyst can see into the future and use current data to guide investment and new product decisions. This role requires extensive data analysis skills and the ability to offer consultation to decision makers.
• Projected job growth: 14%
• Critical skills: Data interpretation
• Education: Bachelor’s degree in business

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What Most Business Jobseekers Forget to Include

As you create your CV and launch your search for a new position in business management, you’ll probably shine a bright light on your organizational and administrative skills. You already know that your employers are searching for data-minded professionals who can assess complex streams of information and manage complex, diverse groups of people. But you may not be aware that most employers are looking for additional skills as well, skills that may not be as common. These typically include software skills (and a willingness to engage with new and unfamiliar platforms) and people skills (like negotiation, coaching, training, and general emotional intelligence). If you have these skills and you have the track record to prove it, don’t forget to include them in your profile. Check out our business CV templates to get a sense of the kinds of diverse backgrounds most employers would like to see. Use these examples to guide and inspire you as you create your own document.

Excellent Action Verbs for Business CV’s

Your CV should provide a detailed record of your past experience and your most impressive accomplishments, and in order to create maximum impact, you’ll need to choose every word carefully. Verbs, in particular, have the power to drive your message home, so choose verbs that are precise and active. Take a close look at the business CV templates in this set and you’ll see how these applicants support their goals by using verbs like these:
• Managed
• Coordinated
• Maintained
• Executed
• Built
• Analyzed
• Consulted
• Negotiated
• Expanded
• Drove
• Led
• Increased
• Achieved

These are just a few examples; your own document and your own experience and job search goals will guide your verb choices and language decisions. Just be sure to keep your phrases active and meaningful instead of passive and open to interpretation.