Childcare CV Templates

As your launch into your job search and start looking for a position in the childcare field, you’ll need to tackle the first big step: creating well-written, detailed, professional CV. Some childcare employers may ask for a standard one-page resume and nothing more, but since most will require a CV instead, it’s a good idea to draft and edit your document so it’s ready to go the moment you find an open position you’d like to pursue. While resumes typically provide a very short summary or overview of your credentials, a strong CV might be several pages long and it can give your employers a complete understanding of every step you’ve taken during your career. Since each of these two documents (resume and CV) are formatted differently and serve a different purpose, consider reviewing a few childcare CV templates like the ones presented here. These examples can give you a sense of what your own completed document might look like.

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Childcare CV Templates

Childcare Worker CV Template

Almost anyone who protects, manages, teaches, or entertains a child in the absence of his or her parents can be considered a childcare worker, and before offering their trust, employers in childcare workplaces need to see evidence of proper training and adequate experience. Here are some facts that can help you draft your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree, high school diploma, equivalent experience
• Top skill to mention: Compassion and patience

Nanny CV Template

Nannies are typically childcare workers who attend to the children of one family at a time and shepherd the children through their daily activities, often in their own homes. To find a position as a nanny, make sure your CV reflects your reliability and judgement. Other tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: Varies from one employer to another
• Must-have skills: First aid, early education training

Babysitter CV Template

Babysitter can be an informal arrangement between parents and caregiver, but this relationship is also becoming an increasingly formal and structured form of employment. To find babysitting positions, make sure your CV provides a detailed history of your experience. Other tips:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Education: Varies by employer
• Must-haves: Reliability and basic safety skills

Daycare Teacher Assistant CV Template

Teacher assistants provide classroom support to daycare instructors, which means they need CVs that highlight their classroom experience and early education skills. Other tips:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Critical skills: Providing attention to children in a daycare setting.
• Education: Bachelor’s degree in early education or equivalent

Daycare Manager CV Template

As the manager or assistant manager of a daycare center, you’ll need to prove your trustworthiness as a care provider and also as the administrator and manager of a facility with multiple stakeholders (parents, community members, children, and employees).
• Projected job growth: 5%
• Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent license and certification
• Critical skills: Administration, employee training, childcare

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What Most Childcare Jobseekers Forget to Include

As a job seeker in a childcare field, you’ll use your CV to shine a bright light on your basic classroom and caregiver skills, like your safety training, your knowledge of early behavior and child development, and your basic compassion and kindness. But you may be forgetting to include additional skills that can help you stand out and grab employer attention. For example, your software skills, musical and artistic abilities, foreign language skills, and administrative skills (like scheduling and planning) can give you a distinct edge during your job search. Don’t leave out any important detail that might separate you from the crowd. In fact, you may want to include every aspect of your background””including volunteer work and adult education classes””that can demonstrate your reliability, commitment, work ethic, and interest in lifelong learning. Use our childcare CV templates as your guide.

Excellent Action Verbs for Childcare CV’s

You’ll use your CV document to prove your value to employers, and in order to send a clear message, you’ll need to choose every word carefully. As you describe your background and credentials, each verb should be active rather than passive and concrete rather than abstract. Consider some of the verbs on this list:
• Provided
• Coordinated
• Managed
• Taught
• Oversaw
• Planned
• Designed
• Solved
• Instructed
• Led
• Arranged
• Scheduled

These are only a few examples of strong action verbs for childcare job seekers; as you create and edit your own CV, use the childcare CV templates presented here to keep you on track and provide inspiration as you choose the words that best describe your background and special skills.