Computers and Technology CV Templates

To execute a successful “” and short “” search for your next position in the IT field, you need a well-written CV in your job search toolkit. You may already have a winning resume, but a resume differs from a CV in key ways. Smart job seekers keep both documents on file and ready to go the moment they’re needed. Though most American employers prefer the resume, length confines this critical document. Your resume must adhere to that limit, but your CV grows with your career. CVs can be multiple pages long, and they can (and often do) contain more details about the candidate’s past. You’re expected to customize your resume to fit each job you want, but you can send a CV as is. Take a close look at these computer and technology CV templates and use them as a guide while you create your own document.

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Computers and Technology CV Templates

Technical Support

Technical support providers offer assistance to external and internal product users. Be sure to detail your experience doing both. If you’re looking for a role in tech support, here are some helpful facts:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 12%
• Education: Bachelor’s or associate’s degree
• Top skill to mention: Specialized knowledge, flexibility

Web Developer

A web developer CV must focus on technical skills as well as project management. As a job seeker in this field, keep these CV facts in mind:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 27%
• Education: A bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Specialized knowledge, teamwork, and communicationSoftware EngineerSoftware engineers work at various stages of software design, development and production, and they use their insight and education to streamline the final product. Call attention to these capabilities as you write your CV.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 17%
• Education: Bachelor’s or master’s degree
• Must-have skills: technical knowledge, problem-solving

Data Analyst

Data analysts must emphasize their data analysis talents in their CVs. See these quick facts on your field:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 30%
• Critical skills: Mathematical and analytical
• Education: Bachelor’s or master’s degree

IT Web Designer

As an IT Web designer, you should use your CV as an opportunity to showcase your outstanding technical skills. Don’t forget to include freelance and passion projects as well.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 27%
• Critical skills: Design, software skill
• Education: Bachelor’s degree

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What Most Computers and Technology Jobseekers Forget to Include

As you draft and edit your CV, you probably have no trouble discussing your analytical background. You can talk all day about your software certifications and your proficiency with various platforms and tools. But before you put the finishing touches on your CV and submit it, remember to include some of your soft skills as well. For example, don’t neglect to mention your leadership and management skills. If you can train others or rally a team, then address this in your CV. Use these computer and technology CV templates to identify more soft skills to use, such as your organization and planning skills, your artistic background, or your ability to manage a complex budget. Volunteer activities and seemingly unrelated talents may be of interest to employers, so don’t leave out anything valuable.

Excellent Action Verbs for Your Computers and Technology CV

As you review these computer and technology CV templates, you’ll notice that each applicant relies on active, concrete verb choices. You want to make the same decisions as you create your own CV. Try drawing from a list like the one below:
• Designed
• Implemented
• Executed
• Formalized
• Formulated
• Developed
• Created
• Managed
• Maintained
• Solved
• Upgraded
• Optimized

These are just a few examples; your own CV will vary according to your background and target employers. Just make sure every line of your CV relies on language and word choices that can help you grab and maintain the attention of your readers and reviewers.