Funeral Services CV Templates

A well-written CV is a good starting point for getting your desired job in the funeral services industry. As your experience grows, so too will your CV. Your funeral services CV will become a full record of all the jobs you’ve held and the duties you performed in each of them, resulting in a holistic picture of who you are and what you can do with regards to preparing a deceased person for their final resting place. The advantage of having your work experience compiled in a CV means that you can use one document to apply for multiple positions. Your CV will also assist you in creating tailored resumes when you apply to different jobs. Take a look at the funeral services CV templates on this page to get your own winning CV started. Funeral Director Funeral directors organize and manage all details related to a funeral. The work includes helping bereaved families choose the best arrangements as they lay their loved ones to rest. This responsibility could include collecting the deceased from the hospital and mortuary, as well as arranging the necessary paperwork to register the death. You could be asked to help families decide on the choice of coffin, floral arrangements, type of service and catering for mourners. Many funeral workers, also known as undertakers, morticians or embalmers, are also involved in the preparation of the body for cremation or burial. The preparation includes dressing the deceased and readying the deceased for viewings. You could also be responsible for training staff. • Projected job growth until 2024: 5%• Required education: Associate degree• Must-have skills: Excellent communicator, respectable, and empathetic

What Most Funeral Services Jobseekers Forget To Include

Besides listing the necessary academic and technical skills related to doing this highly specialized work in your CV, you have probably not thought to include your unique personal skills that distinguish your services from others. Given the sensitivity of this type of work, funeral workers need to display a high level of interpersonal skills, and your CV should thus reflect that you are an empathetic individual who is prepared to go the extra mile. You want your employer to know that you are an organized person, mature and responsible, with an exceptional eye for detail. Time management skills are also crucial in this line of work as are a neat and tidy appearance. These are what recruiters typically call “soft skills” and you should make an effort to include them in your funeral director CV because they will reflect qualities in you that your work experience alone can’t. See how our funeral services CV templates incorporate soft skills effectively.

Excellent Action Verbs for Your Services CV

Now that you have a better idea of how to paint a holistic picture of yourself both as a highly-experienced professional and as an empathetic individual who can assist and support grieving families, you should also consider how to convey these attributes. Using the correct language and vocabulary can give expression to your value. Below is a list of some key action verbs you can use to enhance your funeral director CV. Notice how our funeral services CV templates employ similar action verbs. This is by no means a conclusive list, and you should think back over your work experience and which other verbs will best showcase who you are. Use these verbs in sentences written in the active voice, for greater impact, such as: “I have arranged and directed countless funerals with a high degree of professionalism.”
• Directed
• Coordinated
• Prepared
• Supported
• Assisted
• Organized
• Trained
• Managed
• Arranged

Funeral Services CV Templates