Government CV Templates

A good starting point for getting the right job in the government sector is to create a solid CV. A CV is a document that contains all your work experience, and that displays how knowledgeable you are about the industry. If you work for the government, you may have held a variety of very different jobs over the course of your career. That is why it’s even more important that you compile a CV that shows you are a dependable, hard worker who is committed to the job at hand. A government CV should include the duties you have performed in the various capacities you’ve worked. Though some employers (especially ones outside of the US) prefer a CV, a CV itself will help you create resumes and fill out job applications with ease. Once you create a masterful CV, it will be easier for you to write resumes for jobs that may require one. Why? When you draft a CV, you include details and information about every job you have ever held. Doing this allows you to keep a personal history of your career. You can refer to your CV when you need to complete a lengthy job application, edit your resume to fit a job description, and much more. Continue reading this page for government CV templates that will help you to write your own.

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Government CV Templates

Postal Worker

Postal service workers collect, sort, and deliver mail. They also sell postal products. A postal counter worker will also have to perform administrative duties like dealing with registered, certified and insured mail. Because of this, it’s important to detail your organizational skills and focus on related professional accomplishments.
• Projected job growth: -28%
• Required education: High school diploma
• Must-have skills: Methodical, accuracy

Mail Carrier

Mail carriers cover their routes, both by vehicle and on foot. They can spend many hours outdoors in harsh weather delivering mail door to door. It’s a pre-requisite that all mail carriers be able to answer customers’ questions about postal regulations and services. They also need to know how to operate mail sorting equipment.
• Projected job growth: -28%
• Required education: High school diploma
• Top skills: Dependable, accuracy

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What Most Government Jobseekers Forget to Include

Listing all the technical skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate, is not enough. You have to take it one step further to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Job seekers in this industry often forget to include personal traits that round off the perfect government CV. Incorporating soft skills in your government CV will help the employer see that you are committed and dedicated to your work. Other soft skills that you should incorporate into your CV include your willingness to work long hours, and respect for federal entities. Being deadline-driven is also valuable, no matter what government job you want. Also, don’t overlook the importance of including information about any clubs you may belong to, hobbies and volunteer work. These details showcase qualities about you that your professional skills don’t.

Excellent Action Verbs for Your Government CV

To help improve your federal CV, we’ve included a list of strong action verbs that you can use to boost the quality of your CV. Using the right language can boost your CV to the next level. This includes writing in the active voice. Think about the tasks you’ve performed, and then think about verbs that will best showcase how good you are at your job. Here’s a list to get you started.
• Delivered
• Expedited
• Operated
• Represented
• Executed
• Marketed
• Collected
• Sold