Green Jobs CV Templates

The demand for green jobs is exploding, and a standout CV can really come in handy when it comes to displaying your passion for conservation and the environment. A comprehensive CV’s goal is to serve as a detailed record of your professional work experience. You can use the CV to showcase any particular area of expertise in your previous professional work experience, as well as projects that you may have managed or initiated, and goals you may have achieved in the conservation sector. The value of writing a good CV is that you can use it to apply for several jobs within the green jobs industry. Remember to keep updating it as your experience grows, so that the document’s value is increased. Should you need to in future, you can use the information contained in your CV to write individual resumes suited to a specific job. One of the many great things about CVs is that they can grow past the one-to-two page limit of a resume””as your career grows, so does your CV. A CV offers a complete view of your experience and accomplishments””it doesn’t need to be tailored specifically to any job or company you’re applying to. Further down on this page we will show you some outstanding examples of green jobs CV templates that will help land you your green job.

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Green Jobs CV Templates

Conservation Environmental Scientist CV Template

Conservation scientists study forest and soil quality. They manage, improve, and protect the overall land quality of forests, parks, rangelands, and other natural resources. They may conduct soil surveys and develop strategies and plans to end soil erosion. Your CV should showcase your vast knowledge in conservation techniques and practices, and your ability to implement conservation methods and identify threats to the environment.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skills: Conscientious, methodical

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What Most Green Jobs Jobseekers Forget to Include

You have probably focused your green jobs CV on your academic and technical skills. While it’s important to have your qualifications and training prioritized in your CV, you need to include more than just your hard skills. Have you thought about mentioning personal traits that make you even more proficient in your job? More and more industries are looking to employ environmentally knowledgeable professionals; in order to stand out, you need to consider noting skills that fall outside of the academic and technical realms. What are we talking about here? We’re talking about soft skills. Soft skills can include, among many other things, your ability to work well in a team environment, your stamina for working in the field, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Remember to also include any volunteer work, especially as a newcomer looking for your first job. This will demonstrate your commitment to the environment and help you to grow your career even faster. Refer to our green jobs CV templates for guidance on to how to incorporate these skills seamlessly into your CV.

Excellent Action Verbs for Green Jobs CV’s

The language and vocabulary you use in your CV plays a crucial role in setting you apart from the pack. If you’ve looked at our green jobs CV templates, you’ll likely have noticed that we’ve included some action verbs that can be used to describe the work you’ve done in jobs. Look to emulate these examples. Cast your mind back to the roles you’ve performed in the past. Think about other verbs that you can use to best describe your work ethic, and the tasks you performed in those jobs. Ideally, you want to use action verbs in the active tense. So for example, you would want to write something like: “Monitored forest-cleared lands to ensure that they were suitable for future use.” Below is a brief list of action verbs you should consider using in your own green jobs CV.
• Developed
• Collected
• Established
• Managed
• Determined
• Authorized
• Supervised
• Observed
• Investigated
• Monitored

These are just a few examples””your own personal green jobs CV should lean on verbs that are particular to your professional journey. Just remember to always, always keep your verbs active and concrete. If they’re passive and abstract, revise! You want your CV to have a nice flow to it, and to be free of possibilities for misinterpretation. This is the definitive record of your career development and accomplishments, and you need to make sure it’s easily digestible.