Human Resources CV Templates

Every human resources professional knows the value of a good CV. When it comes to recruiting decisions, a CV can make or break a candidate. Having pored over hundreds of CVs in your career, you should not overlook the value of compiling a masterful CV for yourself. Armed with a comprehensive record of your work experience, you can use a stellar CV to apply for different jobs in the industry and later extract information from there for a resume should you need to. There is value in writing a CV for graduates too. It’s a great way to accentuate your accomplishments and set you apart from other candidates. Our human resources CV templates contain all the information you need to build the perfect CV.

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Human Resources CV Templates

Human Resources Manager

As the link between management and employees, your human resources CV should display your ability to consult with the organization’s management on strategic planning, as well as your capacity to help resolve staff problems.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 9-13%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skills to mention: Leadership ability and decision-making

Staff Recruiter

A good staff recruiter CV will demonstrate that you have excellent judgment in finding the right employees who are a perfect fit for the company. Use your work history section as a platform to draw attention to this talent.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5-8%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Key skills: Good interpersonal and listening skills

Human Resources Assistant

Your CV should underscore that you are an organized, methodical individual who is a great record keeper and treats employee information confidentially. Consider stating these capabilities in your summary statement.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Organized, good administrator

Training Coordinator

In your CV, accentuate your ability to work well with people and to identify their training needs. Provide specific details in your work history section to illustrate this, including the number of employees you trained simultaneously and how your efforts impacted employee retention rate.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 7%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Key skills: Strong interpersonal and communication ability

HR Recruitment Consultant

It’s important to prove that you have an eye for seeking the excellent talent. In your work history section, share accomplishments that demonstrate mutual respect and delight from both employee and employer.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5-8%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Key skills: Good judgment and decision-making

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What Most Human Resources Industry Jobseekers Forget to Include

While it’s important to accentuate that you have the necessary qualifications and work experience for a job in the human resources industry, you should not forget that soft skills are equally important, if at times, not more so. Your ability to listen and understand other people’s problems and points of view is paramount. So too are good judgment and decision-making skills. Therefore it goes without saying that this industry requires its employees to have the highest degree of interpersonal skills. Leading and managing successful teams are also valuable skills that many job seekers forget to express in their CVs. As you list your work experience, think about ways to incorporate these traits about yourself into your CV, so that it doesn’t just read like a long job description. Don’t overlook the value of providing details of your hobbies, club affiliations or volunteer work to create the impression of a well-rounded individual. Refer to our human resources industry CV templates for a guide on how to strike a balance.

Excellent Action Verbs for Human Resources Industry CVs

The human resources industry is active, requiring a high level of engagement with employees and management. When you use strong action words in your CV, you demonstrate your effectiveness as an HR professional. It is advisable to write in the active voice, like this: “Recruited dozens of individuals and identified their training needs.” By using action words in your CV, you will demonstrate that you are capable of doing a wide range of tasks within your human resources role. We’ve compiled a list of action verbs you can use in your own CV, but also look at our human resources CV templates for tips that might spark additional words you can use.
• Trained
• Recruited
• Demonstrated
• Integrated
• Managed
• Developed
• Evaluated
• Revitalized
• Strengthened
• Redesigned