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A solid CV is a major step to positioning yourself within the humanities and liberal arts industry. Different than a resume, a CV is a comprehensive record of all the jobs you’ve held and the duties you performed as part of your work experience. View it as an in-depth look into your career. Compiling your CV has the added benefit of using it to apply for multiple jobs in the same industry. Should you need a more job-specific resume in future, you can use your updated CV to write a focused resume. On this page, we compiled tips for writing a noticeable CV for your industry. See also our humanities and liberal arts CV templates for more guidance.

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Humanities and Liberal Arts CV Templates


Increasing globalization means that the need for translation services for the number of non-English speaking coming to the US is also growing. Those with professional certification have increased prospects. You should be proficient in English and at least one other language. An educational background in a particular field of study that will give you an additional knowledge base and can boost your chances of landing a translation job.
• Job outlook to 2024: 29%
• Education: Bachelor’s degree
• Key skills: Excellent writing and language abilities

Content Writer

Writers and authors develop written content for advertisements, books, magazines, movie and television scripts, songs, blogs, or other types of media. A college degree in English, journalism, or communications is generally required for a full-time position as a writer or author. You can gain experience through internships, but any form of writing that improves skill, such as blogging, is beneficial.
• Job outlook to 2024: 2%
• Education: Bachelor’s degree
• Good skills to have: Blogging, adaptability

Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate research assistants are usually graduate or doctoral students who perform these duties part-time in addition to being a student. They often assist their professors in the projects they are leading. Often, graduate research assistants receive a stipend that forms part of their overall financial package from the university. Because this is a competitive position, it’s especially important to craft a masterful CV.
• Job outlook to 2024: varies by school and subject matter
• Education: Bachelor’s Degree
• Good skills to have: Organized, methodical, good communicator

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What Most Humanities and Liberal Arts Jobseekers Forget to Include

Beyond the excellent reading, writing, and communication skills which are a prerequisite for most jobs in the humanities, you should not overlook your personal traits that set you apart from others pursuing the same opportunity. Many jobs in the humanities and liberal arts industry require that you can work well with other people. Your humanities and liberal arts CV should thus also reflect these soft skills. It’s important to mention any volunteer work or unpaid internships that have helped you to gain experience in your chosen field. It’s especially valuable detail situations in which you mentored students or a co-worker. Doing so will demonstrate your versatility in working with people from all walks of life. Especially if you intend to offer services as an interpreter or translator, you want to include information in your CV that demonstrates that you are culturally sensitive and that you can communicate beyond language. Take a look at our humanities and liberal arts CV templates if you are unsure as to how to incorporate your soft skills into the work experience section of your own CV.

Excellent Action Verbs for Humanities and Liberal Arts CVs

Using strong action verbs to describe your work experience and accomplishments will take your CV to another level. Rather than only listing your work experience, you should think about strong verbs that will describe how you put your abilities and experience into action. You should avoid writing in the passive voice. Rather be more demonstrative in the way you describe your work experience. For example: “Provided assistance and supported faculty professors in their research projects.” Take a look at the list of verbs we have compiled below, to get started. Also, refer to our humanities and liberal arts CV templates for further guidance on how to use the action verbs.
• Coordinated
• Conducted
• Facilitated
• Lead
• Supported
• Assisted
• Contributed
• Helped
• Translated
• Compiled