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Creating an interesting and unique CV can play a critical role in helping you find a career in the library industry. A CV represents all of the unique skills and experiences from your career in a more holistic format, ranging from extracurricular activities to volunteer work to jobs. Since a CV offers a more intricate and complete perspective of your experiences, it allows you to convey how your skills can be applied to a wide range of different jobs.Aim to keep your CV current. Maintaining a CV that is always up-to-date with new skills and jobs ensures a pain-free experience when the time comes to create a resume for a specific position. Check out our selection of library CV templates for additional guidance!

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Library CV Templates

Library Assistant CV Template

Library assistants play important roles in the organization and everyday functions of libraries. Your CV should note your ability to successfully check in and check out library materials, and skills with maintaining a circulation desk. A library assistant’s CV should also reflect experiences with the lending and collecting of various types of texts (books, periodicals, articles, videos), and sorting and organizing texts in their proper shelving/storage areas. Moreover, having expert knowledge of how to navigate the various materials in the library is a plus. Keep a few of these tips in mind when crafting your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: High school diploma or equivalent, and on-the-job training of library functions and resources
• Top skills to include: Technical understanding of a library database and archives

Librarian CV Template

Librarians are the knowledgeable powerhouses who are responsible for maintaining library materials, resources, and staff to ensure a library’s day-to-day operations run efficiently. Your CV should demonstrate your expertise in library procedures and their implementations, and knowledge of resources available to patrons. Additionally, your CV should note your ability to process new materials that arrive, and repair or recondition any items that need to be updated. Here are a few more tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 2%
• Required education: Master’s degree
• Top skills to include: A firm understanding of cataloguing and classifying library resources; expert knowledge of library computer systems and applications; and management of staff (including human resource experiences such as training and recruitment)

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What Most Library Jobseekers Forget to Include

Now that you’ve taken a page from our library CV templates book and understand the hard skills to include, it’s time to start thinking about your soft skills. The significance of including your educational and technical background on your CV can’t be emphasized enough. That said, jobseekers frequently forget to include mention of the strong soft skills that define their character, and that can really make all the difference when trying to capture a job. In your library CV, consider emphasizing your love of books and literature, and your desire to share this passion with others. Other valuable things to mention include excellent interpersonal skills; advocacy for reading and learning; and a desire to consistently improve the atmosphere of a library so that it’s a welcoming place. Demonstrating your ability to effectively communicate with patrons who enter the library is crucial to your success as a librarian. In addition, be sure to include any community events you have hosted with a library to demonstrate your commitment to teaching others about library resources. This will help employers recognize your dedication to educating the larger community, and not simply your operational capabilities of running a library.

Excellent Action Verbs for Library CV’s

Crafting a memorable CV is dependent upon the type of language you use. Including solid action verbs in your CV will help make your application stand out to employers. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this very important step of the process. Remind yourself to avoid using the passive voice, and any language that might obscure your accomplishments. Always aim for clarity with your words. What you have done in your career thus far is valuable, and you should make sure the language you use clearly captures that. Consider including some of the action verbs from our library CV templates to your own.
• Acquired
• Archived
• Assigned
• Circulated
• Indexed
• Inspired
• Inventoried
• Monitored
• Recommended
• Specialized

No matter which verbs you choose, keep your voice active, and choose fewer words, ones that contain maximum descriptive power. While your CV provides an expansive view of your experiences, you want all sentences included within to be as streamlined and as uncluttered as possible.