Military CV Templates

Creating a great CV is critical when seeking a military job. Unlike a resume, a CV offers depth to your unique experiences and talents. While most resumes are just a page in length, a CV can be much longer. You see, a CV includes any and all experiences of value to you in your professional life. It represents all of your hard and soft skills so that readers can view your background more holistically. Because a CV grants employers a more comprehensive perspective of your experiences, it’s easier to play up transferable skills. Therefore, you don’t have to tailor a CV to each job; you can just send the same CV every time. If you prefer to submit resumes, it’s still smart to craft a CV. Since a CV is more detailed than a resume, you’ll find it much easier to create and send resumes adjusted for specific jobs. If CV writing interests you, review the tips and check out the military CV templates for more help.

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Military CV Templates

Enlisted Officer

An enlisted officer’s CV should reflect the ability to manage soldiers. Your CV should showcase your motivational practices and how they impact a soldier’s training. Keep the following in mind when crafting your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: varies from branch to branch
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree and completing a placement exam called the Armed Force Vocational Aptitude Battery
• Top skills to include: knowledge of military operations and procedures; ability to offer other services to military personnel such as medical and legal services; and expertise in operating various military vehicles

Logistics Specialist

A CV for a logistics specialist should include experience with the organization and operations of military warehouses and inventory for gathering and disbursement of stock. A logistic specialist is often responsible for securing proper transportation for shipments and managing the inventory. A logistics specialist’s CV should also show a solid understanding of database systems and correct tracking of inventory management. Keep the following in mind when creating your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 2%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree, completing a placement exam called the Armed Force Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)
• Top skills to include: knowledge of the database system and proper tracking of inventory management; successful distribution of mail to various military personnel

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What Most Military Jobseekers Forget to Include

Now that we’ve provided some effective tips for adding hard-skills to your CV from our military CV templates, it’s time to consider adding some of your soft skills as well. Your education and necessary training play a crucial role to your CV; however, adding soft-skills to your CV helps employers get to know your character. Consider accentuating your good sense of judgment and character, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and practical leadership skills. In addition, discussing any situations where you have worked effectively with military personnel on large projects or led your team of soldiers to complete a challenge are worth adding to your CV. This will provide employers with a glimpse of your motivation and commitment to serving and protecting this country and its soldiers. Describing your soft-skills to employers puts you in a great place because they will see your commitment not only to serving the country but to ensuring that those who also serve it are taking orders from a competent and compassionate leader. Take a look at our military CV templates for more ideas.

Excellent Action Verbs for Military CV’s

Creating an impressive CV is contingent upon the type of word choice and language you use. Using powerful action words in your CV will help make your application unique to employers. Consider including some of the action verbs from our military CV templates to your own. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this very important step of the process. Improving your CV to include excellent action verbs will provide employers with a new perspective on who you are and your experiences.
• Accelerated
• Arranged
• Coordinated
• Directed
• Expanded
• Guided
• Initiated
• Monitored
• Prepared
• Recruited

Remind yourself to avoid using the passive voice and think about all of the amazing accomplishments you have made in your career and transform them into an impressive action verb! What you have done in your career thus far is valuable, and you should make sure the language you use captures that. For more great verbs, see our military CV templates.