Natural Resources and Agriculture CV Templates

Creating an eye-catching CV is essential when applying to a career in natural resources and agriculture. Although most American employers prefer the resume, it’s smart to have a CV on file as well. Why? For starters, your CV is intended to be a comprehensive document. It is not subjected to strict rules about length. So a CV can be considerably longer than a resume. A CV offers substantial complexity to your unique experiences and talents. It displays all of your hard and soft skills so that hiring managers can gain a better understanding of your background. Since a CV offers a more a fruitful perspective of your experiences, it allows you to illustrate how can apply your skills to a range of job titles. You won’t have to change your CV when you apply for multiple jobs. Remember to keep your CV as current as possible. Sustaining an up-to-date CV makes it easy when tailoring future CVs and resumes to career opportunities. Review the tips and check out the natural resources and agriculture CV templates for more help.

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Natural Resources and Agriculture CV Templates


Farmers play a critical role in our food production. Without their sustainability and care of crops and livestock, our population would be in serious danger. Therefore, your farmer’s CV should reflect the amazing work you do for our communities and planet. Keep in mind the following when crafting your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: -2%
• Required education: High school diploma or equivalent and on-the-job training
• Top skills to include: successful planting, maintaining and harvesting of crops; ability to operate various farming machinery (such as a tractor); knowledge of planning production to distribute plants and resources to various food suppliers


A gardener is responsible for the successful creation and harvesting of an array of agriculture ranging from food resources to beautiful flowers. As a gardener, your CV must prove that you ensure that agriculture survives the various seasonal changes and adapts to changing climate conditions under your care. When creating your CV, keep the following in mind:
• Projected job growth until 2024: -6%
• Required education: high school diploma or equivalent; on-the-job training in operating various farming tools and machinery; sometimes a bachelor’s degree in horticulture or landscape design
• Top skills to include: soil knowledge; manage the various growth sites through fertilizing, removing weeds, watering, and pruning until they are ready to be cultivated

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What Most Natural Resources and Agriculture Jobseekers Forget to Include

By now, you probably know the best hard skills to include in your CV. Have you considered the best soft skills to add as well? Detailing soft skills in your CV helps employers understand other sides of your professional persona. Our natural resources and agriculture CV templates show how to incorporate soft skill, but we have some tips as well. Contemplate emphasizing good health and fitness, excellent organizational and management skills, and adaptability and patience in your CV. It’s also smart to share your love of nature and the earth, and compassion and care for the plants or livestock you raise. Don’t forget to discuss any methods you have used to improve sustainability with an ever-changing climate; also, identify innovative ways you’ve combatted problematic weather conditions. Doing so will show your ability to take on challenges and be successful. Employers will notice your motivation and persistence in the face of adversity.

Excellent Action Verbs for Natural Resources and Agriculture CV’s

Crafting a great CV is dependent upon the type of prose and language you use. Using powerful verbs in your CV will help make your application memorable to employers. Consider including some of the action verbs from our natural resources and agriculture CV templates to your own. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this necessary step of the process. Sprucing up your CV to include excellent action verbs will provide employers with a clear idea of who you are and your experiences. Below are some words that we suggest using.
• Assembled
• Augmented
• Balanced
• Catalogued
• Collected
• Examined
• Innovated
• Maintained
• Measured
• Operated

The words above speak to your duties and accomplishments for your industry. They will help you paint a picture of your achievements and responsibilities, no matter which profession you hold in this rewarding industry.

Natural Resources and Agriculture CV Templates