Nursing CV Templates

Developing an eye-catching CV is critical when applying for an exciting job in the nursing field. And while most American employers prefer resumes, it’s wise to create a CV for a variety of reasons. First, resumes are typically one page long, but a CV can be longer. The CV’s structure allows you to offer an in-depth look at your particular experiences and unique talents. What do you do with the extra space? You record all work experience, not just the positions applicable to the job you want. Since a CV offers a more multifaceted perspective on your experiences, it’s easy to emphasize transferable skills. Even if you never send a CV to an employer, keeping such a document on file is a great idea. Doing so makes it easier to create and adjust your future resumes to appeal to a wide variety of hiring managers. If you think a CV is right for you, review the tips for crafting an impressive CV on this page and check out the nursing CV templates for more help.

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Nursing CV Templates

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner’s CV should reflect a commitment to helping our families, friends, and communities to stay healthy and thriving. Keep the following information in mind when you create your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 31%
• Required education: Master’s degree
• Top skills to include: expertise in diagnosing and treating patients

Registered Nurse

A CV for a registered nurse should demonstrate a passion for patient wellbeing and healthcare overall. If you speak another language, share that as well.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 16%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skills to include: expertise in a range of health conditions

Licensed Practical Vocational Nurse

A licensed practical vocational nurse’s CV should show the ability to maintain the day-to-day health and comfort of patients. If you have aspirations to become an RN, then share this information in your CV too.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 16%
• Required education: must complete a certified program typically through a technical school or community college. Verify with the State Board of Nursing for approved programs
• Top skills to include: the application of basic patient care

New Grad Nurse

Your new grad nurse CV should highlight relevant skills to help you match to a residency program where you can gain more experience.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 16%
• Required education: less than six months to a year of experience as a registered nurse, bachelor’s degree preferred
• Top skills to include: clinical experience, a passion for healthcare

Medical Surgical Nurse

Your medical surgical nurse CV should reflect a commitment to proper care and health of adults and elderly individuals. Patience and attention to detail are excellent traits to include as well.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 16%
• Required education: accredited nursing associate’s or bachelor’s degree program with a specialty in surgical nursing, and pass the licensing exam for certification
• Top skills to include: success with assisting during surgical procedures

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What Most Nursing Jobseekers Forget to Include

You already know the ideal hard skills to address in your CV. However, do you ever think about the best soft skills you have to offer? A nursing CV with soft skills can underscore compassion for helping others, excellent communication when speaking with doctors and other healthcare professionals, and successful coordination of patient care. Consider sharing your talent for establishing meaningful relationships with patients, attention to detail, and dependability. Employers will learn your love of humanity and dedication to healing others. The nursing CV templates offer more ideas for you as well.

Excellent Action Verbs for Nursing CV’s

Creating an impressive CV is reliant upon the type of word choice and language you use. Using superb action words in your CV will help make your application stand out from the rest. Consider including some of the action verbs from our nursing CV templates to your own. Updating your CV to include excellent action verbs will catch your reader’s eye.
• Advanced
• Assisted
• Diagnosed
• Documented
• Evaluated
• Monitored
• Prevented
• Referred
• Repaired
• Trained

As you can see, each word pertains to a patient interaction. After studying the list above, ask yourself how you might apply these words to your CV.