Personal Services CV Templates

Designing an excellent CV is essential to advance your career in the personal services industry. Your industry is uniquely versatile regarding the duties and responsibilities you manage at each job. Fitting all the necessary details in a one-page resume can be challenging. Worse yet, how can you efficiently tailor your resume when applying for different jobs? You’ve done so much that it’s difficult to identify the finer points. Enter the CV. This format encourages you to include all of your professional history, rather than your most relevant experience. Because of this, you may use more than two pages to craft your CV. This allows you to provide more a nuanced perspective of your experiences, as you may notice in our personal services CV templates. Some employers may ask for a CV. However, even if you never submit a CV, you will see clear benefits to creating one for your person records: your detailed CV serves as a guide to crafting new resumes for a variety of career situations.

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Personal Services CV Templates

Private Housekeeper

A private housekeeper is an important member of any individual or family’s household. A private housekeeper’s CV should reflect your talent for gaining trust to maintain care and management of one’s most coveted pieces of property: a home.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 13%
• Required training: no formal education is required; however, employers prefer on-the-job training
• Top skills to include: maintaining cleanliness of the household; day-to-day functions and efficiency of the home

Personal Assistant

Your personal assistant CV should reflect how you manage the successful scheduling and time management for meetings, appointments, events, etc. Keep the following in mind when creating your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Required education: High school diploma or equivalent
• Top skills to include: administrative tasks and interpersonal skills

Certified Home Health Aid

To craft a winning CV for a position as a certified home health aid, mention your expertise bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, and running errands for your previous patients.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 38%
• Required training: a competency exam, on-the-job training, and a CPR certification preferred
• Top skills to include: performing health care services for patients; completing household tasks; transporting and accompanying patients on hospital visits

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What Most Personal Services Jobseekers Forget to Include

You’re no stranger to this industry, so you can safely assume the majority of the necessary hard skills to showcase in your CV. But have you thought about your valuable soft skills too? Although your educational and technical backgrounds are vital to include in your CV, employers need to see a full picture of you as a worker. Including soft-skills to your CV helps employers to get to know your personality. A personal services CV with soft-skills can help you showcase your various cleaning methods, interpersonal skills, and time management skills. It’s also a good idea to discuss your patience for changing conditions and situations, and organizational and multi-tasking skills. Illustrating these soft skills to employers helps them understand your commitment to maintaining order for a person’s household or schedule. Don’t forget to include any extracurricular activities or supportive services you have provided for different organizations and businesses. Check our personal services CV templates for more soft skill ideas.

Excellent Action Verbs for Personal Services CV’s

Did you know that your word choice has the power to entice or repel hiring managers? Pro tip: In each line of your work experience section, begin the line with a strong action verb. Avoid using phrases like “was responsible for cleaning” and substitute them with powerful statements, such as “managed all household cleaning.” Adding these excellent action words in your CV will help create a strong case for your candidacy. Consider including some of the action verbs from our personal services CV templates to your own, or the ones listed below.
• Arranged
• Assisted
• Communicated
• Cooperated
• Facilitated
• Maintained
• Operated
• Organized
• Scheduled
• Supported

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this step of the CV making process. Improving your CV to include relevant action verbs will provide employers with a stronger idea of who you are and what you could do for them. Remind yourself to avoid using the passive voice. Think about all of the wonderful accomplishments you have made in your career and translate them accordingly.