Pharmacy CV Templates

Constructing an impressive CV is critical to a successful job search in the pharmacy industry. Despite the strengths of a resume to highlight your top skills and talents, a CV offers more depth to your multifaceted background and experiences. A CV represents all of the unique experiences you’ve had to provide employers with a more holistic perspective. A CV includes both hard and soft skills that are valuable to you, ranging from extracurricular activities to volunteer work. Since a CV offers a more a sophisticated perspective of your experiences, it allows you to demonstrate how you can apply your skills to a range of job titles.Always keep your CV as current as possible. Sustaining a CV that is up-to-date with new skills makes it an effortless process when tailoring future CVs and resumes to career opportunities. Therefore, review the tips for crafting a great CV on this page and check out the pharmacy CV templates for more help.

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Pharmacy CV Templates

Pharmacy Aide

A pharmacy aide is essential in assisting pharmacists and ensuring that pharmacy operations are going smoothly. A pharmacy aide’s CV should reflect the ability to perform a range of administrative duties such as answering phones, manage money, replenish supplies, and ensuring pharmacy equipment cleanliness. Keep in mind the following tips when crafting your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 9%
• Required education: High school diploma, on-the-job training; or completion of a pharmacy assistant certificate program
• Top skills to include: experiences with serving as clerks for pharmacies and handling money, taking prescriptions from patients, and completing orders for patients

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician’s CV should reflect an ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with pharmacists to prepare and distribute prescription medication for patients. Check out the following tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 9%
• Required education: High school diploma or equivalent; pharmacy technician training program; and on-the-job training
• Top skills to include: working with patients to take prescriptions, working with a variety of healthcare professionals, combining medicines, labeling and giving instructions on medication usage


A pharmacist is responsible for interpreting a physician’s order to begin preparing medication for a patient. A pharmacist’s CV should include their experience in monitoring drug therapy and advising on any interventions needed. Check out the following tips for your CV:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Required education: Doctoral or professional degree
• Top skills to include: distributing medication by compounding, packaging and correctly labeling it; and ensuring that the medication is appropriate for the patient and his or her overall health

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What Most Pharmacy Jobseekers Forget to Include

Now that you have learned the hard-skills to highlight on your CV from our pharmacy CV templates, it’s time to consider including your soft skills as well. Even though your educational and technical backgrounds are necessary to include on your CV, job seekers should also be able to learn more about who you are and your character from other meaningful experiences. Adding soft skills to your CV helps employers to get to know your personality without meeting you first. A pharmacy CV with soft skills can help you showcase your organizational skills which are especially important for filling prescriptions, excellent personal skills when speaking to patients in person or over the phone, and great attention to detail. Other traits that can enhance your CV are excellent communication skills, assessment of patient care, and keen memorization skills. Conveying your soft skills to employers helps them to recognize your commitment to a patient’s overall health and to assess the proper medication to help them. Don’t forget to include experiences with collaboration and teamwork, particularly in a pharmacy office where the day-to-day functions can become chaotic.

Excellent Action Verbs for Your Pharmacy CV

Creating a great CV is dependent upon the type of prose and language you use. Including impressive action words in your CV will help make your application stand out to prospective employers. Also, think about including some of the action verbs from our pharmacy CV templates to your own. Improving your CV to include excellent action verbs will provide employers with a new perspective on who you are and your experiences. Avoid using the passive voice and think about all of the amazing accomplishments you have made in your career and transform them into a good action verb! What you have done in your career thus far is valuable and you should ensure your word choice captures that.
• Assessed
• Collaborated
• Compiled
• Distributed
• Facilitated
• Informed
• Monitored
• Organized
• Prevented
• Supplied