Real Estate CV Templates

Though CVs are typically useful for applying for jobs outside of the United States, potential American employers may also require CVs to get a full picture of your credentials. But when do you use one instead of a simple one-page resume? And what goes into a successful CV? In competitive fields such as real estate, keeping your curriculum vitae (Latin for “course of life”) current is key to presenting your value as an individual contributor. The CV is essentially a history of the business and certifications you’ve acquired in your career. Since it’s comprehensive, you can use it towards any job application. Some applications may require you to tailor a more concise resume around the skills and experiences required in that particular role. In this way, keeping your CV up-to-date makes resume writing much easier. Our career experts offer some real estate CV templates and tips below, so you can get a leg up on the competition.

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Real Estate CV Templates

Property Manager CV Template

A property manager’s CV must include service experience along with some academic or industry credentials. Since your duties can range from administrative tasks to coordinating and overseeing property sales cycles, focus on your ability to be efficient and juggle multiple responsibilities at once. Employers will also look for your interpersonal skills, such as active listening and negotiation. To this end, be sure to provide clues that you are a strong communicator and an effective problem-solver. Keep the following facts in mind as you write your CV:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 8% (average)
• Experience Section Must Have: Internship / Apprenticeship
• Skills Section Must Have: Organizational Skills

Real Estate Agent CV Template

A real estate agent’s CV must attest to personal accountability as well as success as a businessperson. Whether your specialty is with private or public property, sales, or rentals, your ability to build and maintain client relationships is the most important thing that needs to come through. Beyond this, be sure to illustrate the full range of your industry knowledge, including marketing, economics, and law. Showing people that you are trustworthy and can find solutions that work for them is essential to your credibility. Keep the following facts in mind:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 3% (slower than average)
• Education Section Must Have: State-issued Real Estate License
• Skills Section Must Have: CRM or Database Software

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What Most Real Estate Jobseekers Forget to Include

You’re likely aware of all the primary qualifications and hard skills you need to include in your CV to be considered for jobs in real estate. But what about your personal story is compelling? And if you’re still trying to gain experience, what are the intangibles that will make others want to give you a chance? Communicating your soft skills and personal intricacies is critical to showing people who you are and what you have to offer. Skills like writing, attention to detail, stress management, and creative problem-solving can go a long way towards proving your worth as a well-rounded and reliable real estate professional. Include language that attests to these strengths in your CV so your potential employer doesn’t have to read between the lines. Also, don’t be afraid to share any passion projects, volunteer work, or hobbies that are a part of your life. A shared interest is as good a connection as any to spark a potential working relationship. While our real estate CV templates can give you a great head start in crafting a successful CV, it’s up to you to choose which of your accomplishments, skills, and interests are worth sharing.

Excellent Action Verbs for real estate CVs

When outlining your experience and credentials in your CV, selecting descriptive action verbs is another way to make your application stand out. Specific, thoughtful word choice allows the reader to learn more about your personal perspective and shows them exactly what you can contribute. In fields like real estate, where clear communication is so vital, details such as these can make a big difference. Start with the verbs listed in our real estate CV templates and also use the list below.
• Arranged
• Assisted
• Guided
• Facilitated
• Represented
• Negotiated
• Solved
• Generated
• Provided
• Contracted

These are just a few choices that can apply to multiple real estate CV templates. Use them as a jumping-off point, but choose words that you feel fit your story best. Adding this unique touch to how you present yourself will help potential employers see what you’re worth.