Skilled Trades CV Templates

Much longer than a simple one-page resume, a curriculum vitae (Latin for “course of life”) details your entire background and professional experience. And while CVs are generally more commonly used in Europe, skilled trades professionals may want to nonetheless create this more comprehensive job search document to keep track of all of your work experience and accomplishments in one place. After all, even if an employer doesn’t require you to submit a CV, you can use information from your CV towards any resume or cover letter. As your career evolves and you continue to add information, you can keep sharpening your story. Get started with our tips and skilled trades CV templates below to begin crafting yours today.

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Skilled Trades CV Templates

Mechanical Technician CV Template

A mechanical technician’s CV must include experience working with machinery, often in industrial settings. Important skills to highlight include testing, diagnosis, repair, and record-keeping. Consider these points as you write your CV:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 2% (slower than average)
• Education Section Must Have: Associate’s Degree
• Skills Section Must Have: Organizational Skills

Aircraft Mechanic CV Template

An aircraft mechanic’s CV should read just like a mechanical technician’s, with clear expertise in the area of aircraft. Consider these points as you write your CV:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 1% (very little change)
• Education Section Must Have: High School Diploma (Trade School preferred)
• Skills Section Must Have: Mechanics

Landscape Worker CV Template

A landscape worker’s CV will focus on the ability to work outdoors and provide high-quality customer service. Consider these points as you write yours:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 6% (average)
• Experience Section Must Have: On-the-Job Training
• Skills Section Must Have: Manual Labor

Veterinary Technician CV Template

A veterinary technician’s CV will showcase knowledge of animal medicine and experience doing lab work. The ability to communicate well with animal owners is also key. Consider these points as you write your CV:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 19% (much faster than average)
• Education Section Must Have: Associate’s Degree
• Skills Section Must Have: Verbal Communication

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What Most Skilled Trades Jobseekers Forget to Include

Every skilled trade worker’s CV will include some sort of specialized training and corresponding work experience. But how does your story take shape to make you a desirable employee? And if you’re still looking to gain experience, what are the X factors that will add some extra oomph to your application? Potential employers often read between the lines to look for any soft skills that candidates can offer. Beyond the surface level qualifications needed to do certain tasks, being able to communicate well and work on a team is key to many trade jobs. Consider how you can bring your soft skills to the forefront as you describe your background and experience. Furthermore, if there are any passion projects, hobbies, or volunteering that you’re proud of and that help position you as a great job candidate, they are definitely worth including on your CV. Regardless of the role or work setting, any employer will appreciate the personality and perspective you can bring to their team. Finally, while only you know which of your achievements and interests are most noteworthy, but you can use our skilled trades CV templates as inspiration for how to stand out from the crowd.

Excellent Action Verbs for Skilled Trades CV’s

Since jobs in the skilled trades are often competitive, subtle things like word choice can go a long way in helping your qualifications seem exceptional. Try to find action verbs that add meaning to otherwise straightforward tasks or accomplishments. This immediately gives the impression that you can communicate clearly and have a unique point of view. Use the skilled trades CV templates below for inspiration.
• Operated
• Examined
• Assembled
• Evaluated
• Analyzed
• Diagnosed
• Modified
• Repaired
• Installed
• Maintained

These verbs are pulled from our skilled trades CV templates and are simply a starting point, but you know which words fit your experience best, so don’t be afraid to stray from these sugggestions. There are many ways to tell your story in your CV, and choosing action verbs such as these is a great way to stand out.