Sports CV Templates

Not all sports employers will require a CV – the practice is more common in academic disciplines and in Europe. But even if you haven’t been asked to submit a CV yet, there are a few ways in which writing one can pay big dividends. Compared with a one-page resume tailored to a specific position, a curriculum vitae (Latin for “course of life”) typically spans multiple pages and outlines the entirety of your experience. Since careers in sports are by nature competitive, keeping a running list of your qualifications can help you stay sharp. If a potential employer asks you to submit a resume highlighting certain skills, you can reference your CV and extract the most relevant pieces of information. The ability to paint a picture is key to any job search. To learn what a great CV looks like, read our sports CV templates below.

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Sports CV Templates

Umpire CV Template

Umpires and referees need their CVs to show expertise and reliability. Beyond direct experience, it’s helpful to highlight either expertise in one sport or knowledge of a wide range of sports, depending on the job. Demonstrating sound judgment, strong interpersonal skills, and stress management will take your CV to the next level. When writing your CV, remember these factors:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 5% (average)
• Education Section Must Have: High School Diploma
• Skills Section Must Have: Attention to Detail

High School Coach CV Template

Any amateur sports coach’s CV should prove their thorough understanding of the game(s). Describe any experience as a player, if applicable. Further, show that you are trustworthy and a good communicator. Coaches are leaders and problem-solvers, so focus your points on how you fit into that role. When writing your CV, remember these factors:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 6% (average)
• Education Section Must Have: Bachelor’s Degree
• Skills Section Must Have: Organizational Skills

Athlete CV Template

An athlete’s CV is straightforward at first glance: the history of your time as a player. But what makes you a strong competitor can range from performance stats to team leadership to community service. Especially in team sports, you must prove that you have discipline, drive, and the ability to think on your feet. When writing your CV, remember these factors:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: 6% (average)
• Experience Section Must Have: Competitive Sports
• Skills Section Must Have: Communication Skills

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What Most Sports Jobseekers Forget to Include

Everyone working in the sports industry must focus on their game time (and practice time) know-how. But how can you prove your passion and dedication to the world of sport? If you’re just beginning your career, what will make someone bring you on their team? Employers and agents often seek out talent based on both skill and charisma. Let your individuality show by describing any relevant interests or accolades in your CV. Committing to a career in sports takes interest and investment in the game. Mental and physical health are paramount, as it takes self-discipline, organization, and courage to go far in sports. Every sports career requires you to support others and contribute to a team mindset, both as a leader and as a participant. Surface any examples of these traits as you describe your past endeavors. Anything counts: multiple sports, community service, passions. Any accomplishment you feel worth sharing with a team member has a place on your CV. You have to be patient, but hard work pays off in sports. Our sports CV templates provide a good first step in your journey.

Excellent Action Verbs for Sports CVs

Much like one call or play can change the outcome of a game, one intriguing word can make your CV catch a potential employer’s eye. Replacing commonplace verbs like “completed” and “participated,” with more dynamic ones is a great way to make your value clear on paper. It shows passion as well as attention to detail. Plus, the reader will consider how your perspective can add to their organization’s existing structure. Have a look at our sports CV templates for action verbs and consult the list below as well.
• Assessed
• Evaluated
• Represented
• Determined
• Improved
• Accomplished
• Earned
• Developed
• Conditioned
• Instructed

These action verbs are for general use and fit a range of career paths across the athletics industry. But your story is unique, and it deserves to come across that way. Whether you are the trusty referee, the star athlete, or the cool coach, the active choices you choose will help your CV stand out when it counts.