Textile and Apparel CV Templates

While the use of CVs isn’t as common in the US as it once was, writing one can be helpful, even for your own reference. Especially in fields that have changed a lot over time, keeping a record of your experience and accomplishments is a good way to stay grounded. A CV covers all of your experience, as opposed to a single-page resume, which focuses primarily on your ability to fit one particular role. The multi-page curriculum vitae, which roughly means “course of life” in Latin, allows you to tell your story while also proving your qualifications. Potential employers will look for commitment, hard work, and other X factors in your CV, since many textile and apparel roles offer on-the-job training. You can also use elements from your CV when they want a specialized resume. To learn more, take a look at our textile and apparel CV templates below.

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Textile and Apparel CV Templates


A tailor’s CV varies depending on experience level. Vocational training is a plus, but most employers will offer some on-the-job training if you are just starting out. In this case, focus on your ability to stay organized, complete tasks efficiently, and communicate well with others. You’ll also need to show that you are dexterous enough to working with sewing machines. To take your CV to the next level, highlight any experience that shows that you are creative and have an eye for aesthetics. Any passions or personal projects that you’re proud of are also worth including here. Consider the following to get started on your CV today:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: -2% (decline)
• Education Section Must Have: Associate’s Degree
• Skills Section Must Have: Customer Service Skills

Textile Equipment Operator

Since textile equipment operation job opportunities aren’t as plentiful these days, your CV should help you jump off the page. Industry experience isn’t always required, so if you’re still early in your career, you can prove your credibility in other ways. Beyond basic qualifications like knowledge of mathematics, a good CV shows that you are well-rounded. To this end, be sure to include any experience that demonstrates your organizational skills, and problem-solving ability. You’ll also need to prove that you are physically fit to do the job. Consider the following to get started on your CV today:
• Projected Job Growth until 2024: -2% (decline)
• Experience Section Must Have: High School Diploma
• Skills Section Must Have: Attention to Detail

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What Most Textile and Apparel Jobseekers Forget to Include

The primarily skills required for jobs in the textile and apparel industry are clear: manual dexterity, verbal communication, and organizational skills. But what can you add to your CV that will give potential employers enough reason to pick you out of the crowd? If you’re lacking direct on-the-job experience, what are the soft skills that textile and apparel jobseekers don’t always point out? Employers know that success in this industry often comes down to the little things. So anything in your background that shows you are attentive, can follow directions well, and know how to identify and solve problems will make you seem like a trustworthy candidate. Your CV should also show that you are a good communicator, since much of the textile and apparel industry comes down to customer service. Describing your personal interests in your CV is another factor that can help you stand out. Any hobby, personal project, or community involvement shows that you have a unique perspective to contribute. The content of your CV will evolve with your story, but our textile and apparel CV templates provide a good initial framework to get you going.

Excellent Action Verbs for Textile and Apparel CVs

One great way to demonstrate that you are attentive to detail (and unique) is by choosing strong, action-oriented verbs in your CV. Potential employers will want to get the gist of your experience quickly, and dynamic word choice can compel them to take a longer look. Not only does it help clarify the specific qualifications you have to offer, but it also shows them that you can think critically and creatively about the work you do. Use the textile and apparel CV templates above to find action verbs as well as the list below.
• Created
• Designed
• Produced
• Handled
• Organized
• Coordinated
• Controlled
• Maintained
• Monitored
• Solved

You can make use of these on-page textile and apparel CV templates for a variety of job postings you come across. However, the words you choose should reflect the unique value that you can provide. A few active choices like the ones above can help your CV come to life.

Textile and Apparel CV Templates