Funeral Services Resume Templates

Funeral Services resume templates
What it’s Like to Work in the Funeral Services Field

Funeral services workers are a special breed. They are skilled professionals with a particular ability to be compassionate, understanding, and comforting to families during a time of grief. They handle details associated with death with quiet dignity, helping to lift the burden from the family. Funeral services workers also must be sensitive to cultural and religious differences.

They arrange the details and logistics according to the wishes of grieving families. They establish the dates and times of wakes, memorial services, and burials. They also prepare obituary notices and work with cemetery representatives for the opening and closing of the grave. If the family desires cremation, they handle those arrangements as well. Most funeral directors are trained and licensed embalmers. In addition to the obvious stress of the job, the hours can be long and irregular.

In addition to the funeral director, supporting positions include mortuary science technicians and funeral attendants, who are responsible for the many tasks related to supporting the family while staying unobtrusively in the background.

Benefits of Working in the Funeral Services Field

The benefits of working in the funeral services field accrue to those who have a strong desire to help others during the difficult time of grief and dealing with the many details of planning the actual funeral. It’s certainly not for everyone, but thankfully, there are those for whom this occupation is a calling.

Apprenticeships are completed after one to three years under the direction of an experience and licensed funeral director. Advancement opportunities are best in larger funeral homes.

Why You Need a Resume

Many funeral homes are family businesses with a mature staff, making it a difficult industry to enter. If you begin with an apprenticeship, your chances are better, but a well-crafted resume is critical. Include not only your experience but also your desire to help others. Resume-Now can get your started with resume examples to fit your needs.

Funeral Services Resume Templates

How to write a Funeral Services Resume

  1. Brainstorm your accomplishments – Grab a separate piece of paper and craft a list of your Funeral Services career accomplishments.
  2. Find a strong Funeral Services resume sample to use as a resource – Use our vast collection of resume samples to find one that can serve as a good resource for your resume writing.
  3. Design a header to place at the top of your Funeral Services resume – Make a header that includes the following information: your full name, email address, phone number, and personal website (if you have one).
  4. Create a compelling summary statement – Compose a summary statement that showcases your skills, accomplishments, and your overall professional character. Make sure that it aligns with the needs expressed in the job description.
  5. List skills – Next, make a list of your professional abilities for your Funeral Services resume. Ensure that each talent is applicable to the job description.
  6. Dive into your work history as a Funeral Services – Make a list of the relevant jobs you have had. Present this information: your position, the name of the company, and the dates of your employment.
  7. Provide a succinct description of your time at each job. – Under each entry, write a bulleted explanation of your responsibilities and accomplishments at those jobs. Review the job description and the list you made in step one as you do so.
  8. Tack on your education section – Remember to include the highest degree or diploma you obtained. Include the name of the school and the year you got it (or will get it).