Government Resume Templates

Government resume templatesWhat it’’s Like to Work in the Government & Military Field

While not always the case, many individuals with military experience transition into government jobs once their service requirements are over. Conversely, some individuals with private sector experience find similar government jobs. Military careers, or other jobs that tend to appeal to veterans, include detail-oriented professions such as IT specialists and skilled technicians. Depending on the nature of the job, government positions tend to include steady hours and weekends off. Some positions may be part time due to budgetary issues, with more experienced workers often enjoying better job security. It’s also possible for individuals currently serving in the military to receive extensive training and practical experience working in a field that can translate into the same private sector occupation.

Benefits of Working in the Government & Military Field

Many employers prefer military workers since they often have experience working within tight schedules and meeting deadlines. This frequently translates into low turnover rates and room for advancement for employees who perform well and apply their skills efficiently while completing required tasks. In many surveys, employers report a high satisfaction rate with employees with military experience. Government jobs—, especially administrative or management positions—, also tend to be fairly stable. Benefits typically include employer or government healthcare and insurance options, along with paid vacation and similar amenities.

Why You Need a Resume

A government and military resume displays your best characteristics and qualifications for a potential employer. Even if you’re fully qualified for a military-related or government job, you’’ll likely be going up against other candidates with many of the same qualifications. In an increasingly competitive job market, in both the private and public sectors, it’s more important than ever to find a way to clearly present yourself to potential employers busy sorting through a stack of resumes. Start assembling your own government and military resume now by checking out the detailed government and military examples on Resume-Now.

Government Resume Templates

How to write a Government Resume

1. Start by listing your professional accomplishments

Take a piece of scratch paper. Make a list of your achievements.

2. Inspect Government resume samples to help navigate the resume creation process

Use our vast collection of resume samples to find one that can serve as a good resource for your resume writing.

3. Craft a compelling header at the top of your Government resume

Make a header that includes the following information: your full name, email address, phone number, and personal website (if you have one).

4. Put together a summary statement that addresses the employer’s needs

Make a brief statement that covers the most important elements of your professional self. Cover your achievements and areas of expertise. Check the job description to make sure it aligns with your statement.

5. List skills

Next, make a list of your professional abilities for your Government resume. Ensure that each talent is applicable to the job description.

6. Showcase your Government experience in a work history section

List the jobs you’ve had in reverse chronological order. Write the dates you worked, the position you held, and the name of the company.

7. Provide a succinct description of your time at each job.

Go back to the list you created in step one. Using this, make a short list of your responsibilities and successes  at each job. Relate it to the needs expressed in the job description.

8. Provide your education at the bottom

Think of the highest degree or diploma you received. Write the name of the degree or diploma you obtained, where you got it, and the year you graduated (or will graduate).