Green Jobs Resume Templates

Green Jobs resume templates
What It’s Like to Work in Green Jobs

According to the Department of Labor, green jobs generally involve efforts to conserve energy, develop alternative energy, or reduce pollution. High-demand jobs within this field include construction workers building green homes and businesses, architects designing such buildings, PR specialists promoting green efforts, agricultural inspectors ensuring the quality of meat and produce, and electricians installing more energy efficient fixtures. While working in a green occupation, you’ll employ energy-efficient techniques while carrying out your job duties. The green jobs field has created several unique occupations such as urban growers who look for space-saving places to plant gardens in cities.

Benefits of Working in Green Jobs

While you’ll need a bachelor’s degree or higher, plus work experience for some positions within this field, many employers offering green jobs tend to provide some degree of initial training coupled with on-the-job training. Whether it’s recycling used electronic parts or finding innovate growing methods, many individuals working in green jobs tend to appreciate the fact that they’re doing something to help the environment. At the same time, some of the more innovative jobs within this field offer decent salaries and related benefits to retain qualified employees.

Why You Need a Resume

If you don’t think you have any “green experience” to highlight on our green jobs resume, you can still give yourself an edge with the right wording. For instance, your career objective could reference a commitment to “earth-friendly policies and practices” as a way of showing a potential employer you’re on board with their environmentally friendly goals.

You can add more green to your resume by adding a brief description to any previous job duties you performed that could qualify as being environmentally beneficial in some way. If you previously worked in a supermarket, for example, you could reference that they sold locally grown produce. Get started with your own green jobs resume by browsing the helpful green jobs resume samples on Resume-Now.

Green Jobs Resume Templates

How to write a Green Jobs Resume

  1. List your accomplishments – Grab a separate piece of paper and craft a list of your Green Jobs career accomplishments.
  2. Look at Green Jobs resume samples for reference – Choose from our extensive assortment of resume samples to find one that helps you craft your own.
  3. Design a header to place at the top of your Green Jobs resume – Craft a header with aesthetics and practicality in mind. Include the following: your name, phone number, email address, and personal website (if applicable).
  4. Create a compelling summary statement – Craft a short, interesting statement that tells your professional story. Include your accomplishments, skills, and most important areas of expertise.
  5. Make a list of your skills in a relevant section – Read the Green Jobs job description carefully. Note the preferred and required skills. If you have any of the appointed abilities, include them in this section.
  6. Showcase your Green Jobs experience in a work history section – Detail the Green Jobs jobs you’ve previously held. Be sure to include the position you held, the company’s name, and the dates you worked.
  7. Give an in-depth look at your Green Jobs work history – Add a list under each job that covers your duties and accomplishments. Look over your brainstorm from point #1 to assist with this.  Think about the job description as you decide what to include.
  8. Share your education – Cover the highest degree you earned, where you obtained it, and what year you finished (or will finish).