After the Interview

There is so much time that is taken when one is trying to find a job and has sent out tons of resumes to get one. There is the time waiting for confirmation of interviews and the actual interviews themselves. These can be quite daunting and many simply walk away after the interview to wait out the results. There are some things that can be done after the interview to leave an even better impression on the company.

Thank You Note

A thank you note is one of the best ways to keep your name in the minds of the company you interviewed with. Sending a thank you note should take place two days after the interview and can be done by email, snail mail or dropped off at the office where the interview took place. There are a few reasons why these notes are an important asset to anyone who is applying for a job. They can first of all show your appreciation for the interview and their interest in your work and can also allow you to add anything that was left out that they should know.

Secondly, this gives you the chance to reiterate your assets and what you are going to bring to the company. Finally, even big business appreciates a person who has good manners. Writing a thank you note is a sign of good etiquette, and in business as well as personal relationships having good manners is highly regarded and may bridge the gap if the company was on the fence about hiring you over someone else.

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Follow Up

In many cases, at the time of the interview, the interviewer is going to let you know roughly when they are going to get back to you. If they have not made contact in that time frame, it is up to you to call them. They may have become busy and have not had the chance to make their decision or perhaps they are not sure who is going to be the right candidate for the position.

The follow up call here is going to get your name remembered. Your persistence is also going to let them know that you are serious about working for them. If they are on the fence in regards to a choice between yourself and an equally qualified candidate that does not follow up, the job may well go to you instead of them.

Contact References

Any reference that you have used on your resume should be contacted in order to let them know that they can expect a call. This is going to help them to be prepared to give answers that are going to help you to get the job. You certainly do not want a reference to be surprised with a call and have them not take it because they did not know you were using them as a reference. This type of after care is going to ensure a good reference when the person is aware and ready for the call.

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