Appraisal Interview

Being evaluated for any reason can be a stressful period of time. No one wants to be judged and often times there is going to be negative aspects of one’s performance that is going to be critiqued. An appraisal interview is basically a review of the employee’s performance and an update on how the position may need to be clarified or changed for the good of the company and the good of the employee. There are some ways that the employee can feel less anxiety about an appraisal interview which can make the meeting much more productive for the company and for the employee.

Think Productively

It can be more productive to look at the appraisal interview as not a way to show up your weaknesses but as a way to highlight your strengths. While there is going to be discussion about where there could be improvement, this should not be the main focus of the conversation. When discussing the problem areas, have a solution ready. Most people know where their strength and weaknesses lie so make sure you have a plan that can improve upon your weaknesses. It is also important to think productively for the company and to show the interviewer where the company’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

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Think Planning

Instead of looking at this as an interview based on your performance, look at is as a planning session where you can also add your advice on areas that can use improving. It is not always possible to go to the manager and supervisor with your ideas so this is the perfect time to offer ways that you can help the company to improve your position. Of course, not all ideas are going to be taken to heart, but it is a step for the employee who really wants to improve and can make the meeting appraisal interview less daunting.

Bring a Notebook

Bring notes on how you would like to improve yourself and the position you hold in the company. Be prepared for the questions that are going to be asked by the interviewer, refer to your notes when needed but try to focus on the conversation at hand. The notes should be a tool, not the main focus of what you want to convey.

Take notes on where you could use improvement so that you can make these changes more readily. Sometimes when we are being critiqued, we tend to forget the things that may hurt our pride. Taking notes means that you are going to be ready to deal with these changes and that you are going to look at it less personally.


The worst thing you can do is go to your appraisal interview all tied up in knots. This is not going to benefit you or your company in any way. If you follow the above advice, being relaxed should not be a problem. Just know that this interview is to benefit you as well as the company and there should be no issues with your appraisal interview.

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