Behavior Based Interview

More and more, behavior based interviews are becoming the norm in big business. Even smaller companies are using this model when hiring new employees. What behavior based interview is based on is the idea that the job performance that the perspective employee had in their previous job is going to set the standard for any future positions that they are applying for. Knowing what is going to be expected of you is half the battle of the interview process.

• Be Honest

The behavioral interview is set up so that it is going to be difficult to stretch the truth or out rightly lie. This is done by the interviewer asking follow up question that relate to how you felt and reacted during certain situations. While a typical interview questions may be vague and not specifically oriented toward the individual, behavioral interview questions are directly targeted to each individual and the responses that are given. Because it is more of an investigation rather than an interview, the truth is eventually going to come out. Instead of trying to put yourself in a better light, be honest with the interviewer and explain why you handled yourself the way you did. Let them know what you learned and how the situation improved your job performance in the long run.

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• Know the Characteristics That Are Being Sought By The Company

The main reason for conducting a behavior based interview is so the company can find an employee who has certain inherent characteristics. These characteristics are going to make it easier for the employer to train the employee. It is also going to make it easier for the employee to be trained and to carry out their duties if they get the position.

The following are some of the characteristics that are sought by recruiter’s world wide:

• think critically

• be self motivated

• can be taught new ideas easily

• is available to take trips for the company

• carries himself/herself with poise

• is team oriented

• has a professional manner

• Be prepared for situational questions

Most interviews are going to start with the typical questions about you. Questions like why you think you would fit in well with the company or what are going to bring to the job are quite common. With behavior interviews, the questions are going to be more specific. They are going to ask how you handled a certain problem or situation at your past position. As stated earlier, there are going to be some follow up questions that are really going to delve into your personality.

The best thing to remember when going to a behavioral interview is to simply be yourself and show your true personality to the interviewer. When answering questions be truthful even if the truth does not leave you in the best light. An honest person who admits to mistakes and illustrates how they learned from them has more character that the one who gets caught in lies.

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