Best Interview Questions to Ask

It is not always easy to prepare for a huge hiring when your company is expanding. The interview process alone can be time consuming. This time is not always beneficial to the company when the new employees are needed as soon as possible. For the person doing the interviewing, it can be hard to find the right questions to ask perspective employees so that the interview process can go much quicker and so that those who are unsuitable can be weeded out. The following are some of the best interview questions to get through the process without spending too much time at it.

1. What are your strong points that are going to benefit the company?

This can be one of the most telling questions that can be asked. This gives them the opportunity to talk about their accomplishments. There are going to be those who are not comfortable touting their positive qualities. Others are going to be quite happy to give you all the details on how great they are. It is up to you to work through the answers and see what really lies in the middle.

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2. Name the tasks that you do not and are not going to do.

Many would prefer to ask about weaknesses. The majority of people are uncomfortable with this line of questioning. By asking them what they are not going to do, you can find out what their weaknesses are without making the applicant feel uncomfortable. This can also show you how honest the applicant is by the answers that you receive.

3. What is the first task you would take on if hired?

This is going to show you how quickly they think on their feet. You can also learn more about their problem solving skills and how well they know the job that they are applying for. Depending on the skill level of the job, this question can be quite telling.

4. Describe your most rewarding accomplishment.

The answer to this question is going to show the base character of the applicant and what they consider important in their life. If they say raising my kids, then you know they are family oriented. If it is an employment accomplishment, then you know that they hold their work as their number one focus and so on.

5. How do you see your future with our company?

Ask them to answer for certain periods of time. Where do you see yourself in two years, five years, and ten years? These answers are going to show the commitment and forward thinking that the applicant is going to bring to the company. Some may even say that they want your job. This type of ambition can show you just how hungry the candidate is to rise up the company ladder.

Asking the right questions during an interview can make the process go much smoother and quicker. These can get to the heart of the applicant and can reveal a great deal about them.

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