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Campus interviews are a common way for companies to see what is available at the collegiate level. These interviews are set up with the college to highlight those students who would be a good fit for the company. These interviews are conducted with the college personnel as well as the student and the company’s representative. There are two main reasons for a company to conduct campus interviews. The first is to find seniors for open positions and the second is to locate those undergraduates who would benefit from an internship with the company that can offer on the job training and experience and can also lead to a paid position.

• Senior Level Recruiting – With graduation right around the corner, many seniors are going to be concerned with finding a job after they are finished with school. Many companies are going to send out representatives from their companies to discuss your employment options after graduation. These interviews are the same as any other employment interview so the college senior needs to have some knowledge of the interview process.

The senior who is interested in the position or positions offered by a certain company should be prepared in advance for the interview. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before the interview. Do not drink any alcohol or do any drugs that may impair the ability to give thoughtful and articulate answers to the questions posed. Even if you are nervous, ‘taking the edge off’ is not going to make for a good interview. Just be yourself and relax, the rest is going to fall into place.

• Undergraduate Level Recruiting – This type of recruiting is usually for non paid internships. Now many are going to feel that they do not want to work for nothing. While there is no pay, the benefits of any internship, paid or not, far outweigh the money. There is on the job training that can be used on a resume when the student graduates. The student is going to benefit from having professionals to work with who know the realities of the business world and who can become mentors to the student.

While there are going to be some internships that may seem more glamorous than others, it is important to look at them realistically. Do not apply for internships that are not in your field of study. The odds of being chosen for one are going to be slim. Instead, stay with those that are going to benefit you in the long run. These internship interviews should be looked at just like interviewing for a paying job. Again, no drinking or drugs before the interview and relax and be yourself.

The campus interview can be a daunting experience whether it is a senior level interview or an undergraduate one. Being professional and yourself is the most important part of the interview process and is going to make it easier to get the position you want. You may have to go through more than one interview in order to be assured a position.

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