Commonly Asked Interview Questions

If you will be taking part in an interview for a job then you may have a lot of concerns of what this interview will entail and what types of questions you will be asked. You’re not alone as many people have worries and concerns about what they will be asked at an interview.

There are some commonly asked interview questions and it really helps to know what they are and how to prepare for them before you do your interview.

• Tell me about yourself. This question is usually the icebreaker. While the interviewer may be listening to your answers a little bit, the real purpose of this question is to break the ice and make you feel more comfortable before you get into the real meat of the interview. It’s intended to help you feel more comfortable as you begin.

• Why did you leave your last job? This is a two-fold question. It’s a legitimate question for any potential employer to ask but how you answer can have a big impact on how the rest of the interview goes.

• What experience do you have in this field? This is an important question that you need to be prepared to answer. Even if you don’t have direct experience, look for something in your life or educational experiences that you can relate to the field.

• Why do you want to work this job/position/etc? This is your chance to show why you really want the position or job that you are applying for. This is a good opportunity to show your passion for the job or the industry.

• Do you consider yourself to be successful? This is another one of those two-part questions. You don’t want to be cocky but you don’t want to be so humble that you do not exude confidence. You can answer this by showing examples of how you feel successful or have been successful in your life but possibly also telling what your future goals are and that you continue to strive for more.

• What would co-workers say about you? This is not the time to confess that your old co-workers hated you. While you don’t want to lie or be overly dramatic, you don’t want to say that everyone thinks you’re a saint, either. This can be a tricky one to answer. Prepare yourself beforehand.

• What would a previous boss say about you? Just like the previous question, you need to be careful with this one. You want to be truthful but positive and keep in mind that they may (or have already) spoken to your previous boss.

• What kind of salary do you need? This is another tricky question. You should avoid giving exact figures right off the bat. Instead, try to encourage them to give you an idea of what the position pays. You could also give a ballpark range of what you’re looking for and what you think is acceptable in this position.

Now that you know more about these commonly asked interview questions and what types of answers you should prepare, you can spend some time before your appointment date practicing for the interview.

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