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What You Should Know about the Exit Interview

Do you know what an exit interview is? How do you know if this is something that you should participate in or not? The exit interview usually takes place when you are leaving a position or corporation and you meet with the human resources department or some representative from the company before this departure. Exit interviews are only conducted when the departing employee has voluntarily resigned and not if you have been laid off or quit.

During the exit interview, you may be asked certain questions while the interviewer takes notes or you could be asked to submit a questionnaire. In some cases, you may do both. The purpose of the exit interview is for the company to gather data about the company and how to improve working conditions as well as how to retain employees. If you are leaving, the information you provide can help better the company.

Another reason why the exit interview is conducted is to help prevent future litigation or disgruntled employees by learning more about your experiences. Comments that you leave in the exit interview could be used against you should you ever go to court to sue your former employee. It is a form of protection for the employer and you probably should not partake in an exit interview if you are leaving on poor terms or have negative feelings towards your employer.

It’s important to know that it is your right to deny or decline the exit interview if you do not want to participate. You are not legally obligated to it in any way. A reputable employer would respect your decision not to do so. However, some employers, especially if feeling disgruntled themselves, may decide to put a “would not rehire” notation on your personal records if you decline the exit interview.

As you can see, there are many things to think about if you are offered an exit interview. The decision to participate or not to participate is completely up to you. However, there are some things you should consider when making your decision. It’s important that you know all of the facts so that you can make the right decision for your needs. Many experts believe it is very helpful to the company and the employer and can help improve the working conditions for people who may be hired after you.

Still others question the real purpose behind the exit interview and how it is used. Some people believe that these questions are best answered when the person is committed to the company and not when they are planning to leave, for whatever reason. Since there are factors which have led to the decision to leave, there may also be factors that could bias the answers that are given.

Some people also believe that the risk is too high for the departing employees and that things which are said could come back to haunt them later. Many experts advise giving generic answers if you do participate in an exit interview, just to be certain nothing comes back on you later. You will have to consider all sides of the situation and make your own informed decision.

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