Frequently Asked Interview Questions

If you’re going to be participating in an interview, it pays to have an idea of what questions might be asked of you. When you learn more about frequently asked interview questions, it can help you prepare for the interview and reduce the chances of messing up. Being prepared can also help you reduce the amount of stress or discomfort that you feel over the interview so that you can be calm and relaxed.

There are many benefits to knowing the frequently asked interview questions. Some of these include:

• You can study and prepare before the interview

• You can enter the interview with more confidence

• You can prep for the answers that you will give

In order to know what questions you might be asked, it helps to know the type of interview that you are taking part in. Is this an employment interview, a behavior-based interview, an exit interview, a phone interview, salary negotiation, second interview for a job or some other interview? The purpose of the interview will greatly affect the types of questions that you will be asked.

Some examples of frequently asked interview questions are:

• Why do you want to work for us?

• What are your major strengths?

• What are some of your weaknesses?

• How do you plan to reach goals that you have?

• Do you work well with others?

• Are you a team player?

• What motivates you?

• How do you handle conflict?

• Why did you decide this career?

• What goals do you have in this career?

• How do you learn new things the best?

• How much money do you need to make?

• Are you willing to travel or relocate?

• Do you have plans for further education?

These are samples that are often found on the employee interview but could be found in other types of interviews as well. Some frequently asked interview questions seem to have a two-fold purpose. Basically what this means is that many questions are asked not only for the purpose of seeing what answer you will give but also for seeing how you will handle the question. Will you be uncomfortable? Will you be truthful about an incident that the interviewer may already know the answer to?

When you’re not prepared for these questions, you might give off the wrong impression when you stumble over an answer. Or you might give the wrong answer because you feel pressured. But when you’re prepared for what might be asked, this pressure goes away and you can answer with more confidence.

It’s important that you are prepared for the full spectrum of questions that might be asked of you. When you know what to expect, you will not be thrown for a loop or caught off guard when a particular question is asked. When you take the time to read up on the most frequently asked interview questions, you can feel confident when you walk into your interview appointment.

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