General Interview Questions

When you are preparing for an interview, it’s time to learn about some general interview questions. This is really important because it will help you get ready for the interview and enter it with confidence. When you know the general interview questions that you may be asked, it will help you to practice and prepare for the interview.

You don’t have to walk blindly into an interview. While you may not be able to predict exactly what questions will be asked, you can use the general questions that are often asked to help you prepare for the interview. This will help you to prep for the types of questions that will be asked.

You don’t want to just read the common questions and think about your answers. If you really want to be productive with your studies, you want to practice live with a real person. Have a friend or family member read mock interview with you. They will read the questions to you and you can answer just like you would in the real interview.

You want this mock interviewer to ask you the general interview questions as well as a few more difficult questions that you may or may not be asked. You want to make sure that you don’t feel put on the spot. You don’t want the first time you answer the question aloud to be when the interviewer is asking you.

Some general interview questions might include:

• Tell me about yourself.

• Tell me about your experience.

• Why do you want to work in this field/ position?

• What is your ideal job?

• Why did you choose to work in this career?

• What goals do you have to further your career?

• When did you decide on this career?

• Why did you decide this career?

• In what ways do you define success?

• What motivates you?

• Do you consider yourself to be a team player?

• What would former teammates say about you?

• What would previous bosses say about you?

• How do you set goals?

• What do you do to reach these goals?

You can use these general interview questions to help you prepare for this interview. You want to do more than just put your potential answers in written form. You also want to be able to read them aloud to yourself and hear yourself speak the words with confidence. You can run through mock interviews with a friend or family member until you feel completely comfortable with the answers. You don’t want to go into the interview sounding like you are reading from a script but you do want to be able to answer without stuttering or stumbling for what to say.

You can make the most of every single interview opportunity that comes your way when you know how to prepare for the questions. While you can never know exactly what questions will be asked, it helps a great deal to be familiar with the general interview questions and then study up for them. You can walk into any interview feeling confidant.

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